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    Default Waders and boots

    After the most recent slip off rocks and into the freezing cold river, I am to the point where I think I should invest in a good set of waders and pair of boots for safety and enjoyment sake. I don't mind spending the money to get gear with a good warranty and reputation that will last a few seasons. I have been eyeballing the Simms G3 Guide waders and the Redington Sonic-Pro Zip waders, and some boots in the Simms lineup. Are zip waders worth the extra money they usually cost? If anyone has suggestions on waders or boots, I'd like to hear it.

    Thanks, Chase.

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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    I have owned a pair of Redington Sonic Pro Zip waders since February and they seem durable. I have put at least 30 days fishing in them. So far no leaks at the usual spots (the seams). I have not had a failure with the zipper. I have knelt on rocks and walked through berry bushes.

    I am a big fan of the zippered waders. It is so easy to get in and get out of them.

    My only negative about the waders is that the membrane isn't as breathable as the Gore Tex membranes in Simms or Patagonia's proprientary one. I have noticed mild condensation build up on the inside of my waders. A better quality membrane would had breathed it out.

    My main wading boots are studded felt Patagonia Riverwalkers. They fit my feet well, plus they are very light. These are great if you want a lightweight set of boots. However one will give up some durability compared to most of the Simms lineup.


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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    Not to hijack but felt soled boots are quickly becomeing a thing of the past. I am too old to be falling down in the stream. Are the new cleated wading boots as slip proof as the old felt on slick limestone?

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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    As the owner of a specialist fly fishing lodge, I'd like to think I'm qualified to comment on the durability of wader and fishing boots....

    We have have 26 pairs of Simms G3 & Guide model Gore-tex waders - some of the guide model are close to 8 season old - these guys get used for probably 70 > 80 days each per season. I'm here to tell you they are great!

    With genuine Gore-tex its easy to repair pin hole leaks. Small tears are also fairly easy to repair. Some guests elect to bring their own waders, so I get to see all major (and minor) brands in action. Over 80% of our guests own Simms. So, either 80% of the folks that stay here are wrong or there is strength in numbers. Buy a quality set of waders that's not made in garages and sheds in back alleys in China and support your local fly shop !

    We also have 44 pair of Simms Guide and Rivershed wading boots. Some of the guide models boots are close to 8 season old and were originally felt soled that we had resoled. The boots are a mixture of the latest Vibram and Aquastealth sole technology. To add traction on slimy rocks our wading boots are generally fitted with Simms HardBite Star Cleats or HardBite studs.

    Simms rubber soled boots (when fitted with a few cleats/studs) grip to pretty much everything) and are close to indestructible and although made in Asia, are back by Simms and their warranty.

    I hope this helps

    Felix Borenstein
    General Manager & Owner
    Owen River Lodge
    South Island, New Zealand

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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    I have to agree with Felix. I have a pair of the Simms G4 Aquastealth boots(at least that is what I think it is called) and really love how these boots perform. My old Simms felt boots worked great for over 20 years but granted I didn't fish the number of days that Felix gets out of his gear.


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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    Tax time last year worked out good for me last year so I got the G4Z Simms. I really like them. I also have the G4 simms guide boots as well and they are holding up just fine.

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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    I've been a long time Orvis wader owner recently converted to Simms G3's. They are the most breathable and comfortable wader I have owned...ever. The difference in breathability is significant enough for me to notice after only a couple of days on the water. My Orvis Pro Guides are now relegated to backup duty or maybe taking up space. I loved those boots and until the G3's were the best waders I had owned. I've stayed away from zippers on waders, it just seems like one other point of failure. Seems those who use them really like them though.

    I swear by Simms boots and am using the Riversheds with the Streamtred soles and star cleats. I'm hard on boots and need a supportive and solid build from a boot. I had arthroscopic knee surgery a couple of years ago and while it's as good as it's going to get, it's not the same as it was. I have never been so confident in my footing with my current setup, felt soles included. Solid boot and great traction. The Streamtred soles are a huge improvement over the Aquastealth soles.
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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    I've been wearing Redington zip fronts this past season and don't think I will ever be able to go back to non-zippered waders! I drink ALOT of water to stay hydrated and believe me the zipper comes in handy. I did have a couple of the zipper teeth jam but they are near the top so not a big deal.
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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    my next pair of boots will most likely be the patagonia rockgrip sticky soled studded boots.
    i absolutely love the quality of patagonia gear and, imo, their customer service is second to none



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    Default Re: Waders and boots

    If we're talking about avoiding a dip in the river, a good wading staff should be at least as high on the list as the various non-slip boots we're talking about.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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