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  1. Question Fly Rod Choices to replace one broken ?

    First thanks to all who replied to the thread about broken
    fly rods. Now for part 2.

    I am trying to debate in my mind about what fly rod to consider
    if Thomas & Thomas will not replaced or repair $$ within reason
    the 10' 7wt rod I broke smallmouth fishing. I have looked in the
    Cabelas catalog just to compare & have found several that I may
    consider if the need arises. I found a TFO & Echo, both 10' 7wt
    4 piece outfits, but I do not know anyone that has either brand.

    Do any of you own either brand ? Are the warranties good ?
    ( The catalog does indicate whether they have warranties. )

    How do each of these compare to a Scott, Sage, St. Croix, etc. ?
    If I decide to purchase another rod I may want to keep the price
    in the arena where my wife would not faint.

    I'm very interested in your thoughts on these two rods ???

    Always in the Water,
    Tie One On

  2. Default Re: Fly Rod Choices to replace one broken ?

    Quid pro quo as one who appears aged as I but I am somewhat more...IMHO the price of your rod is a you get 200 she gets 200 you get a 600 sage/winston she gets 600 new dishwasher...

    you pay for the warranty...if a 250 works for you and a 600 works for you...the later does not need a warranty just get another and your are still 100 ahead of the game...

  3. Default Re: Fly Rod Choices to replace one broken ?

    Have not fished the ECHO but have heard fantastic things about them. I have fished TFO and they are great rods. I personally like the TICR-X.

    Check out fly fishing - fly fishing gear as Steve carries a try it out option that might suit you, plus you will get the top of the line customer service.

    Either way would be great, IMO.

    I do not think one needs to go with a five and six hundred dollar rod to get the action and quality they are wanting. I personally love a couple of sub-$100 rods.

    Most important thing is that you like it.
    All Means All

  4. Default Re: Fly Rod Choices to replace one broken ?

    Thomas & Thomas phone number is 413-774-5436. They have a lifetime warranty on their rods. It should cost you shipping plus $40.00 for return shipping and the repairs. Let me know if something doesn't work out.

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