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    Default Mel Krieger Interview

    Hi Everyone,

    Go to this site and watch the interview of Mel Krieger. If you like Mel as much as I do you will enjoy his interview. Fly Fishing lost a great teacher when Mel passed.


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    Default Re: Mel Krieger Interview

    Frank: Thanks for sharing that video, it was excellent. Mel Krieger was an excellent teacher and my favorite.


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    Default Re: Mel Krieger Interview

    Mel was a great man. He and his wife, Fanny, opened the eyes of many to the world of fly fishing. He will be missed.

    Fanny continues to spread the word of fly fishing. She is still heavily involved in women's fly fishing groups, but lately, she has been more involved with getting more youth involved into the sport.


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    Default Re: Mel Krieger Interview

    Thanks Frank. Can't get enough of listening to Mel Krieger. Larry gave me a link to Mr. Krieger's instruction on the double haul where I learned the new word "down-up". Loved him ever since.

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