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  1. Default Do I Need Waders?

    Next week will find me on the Salmon River in Idaho. I plan to enjoy paddling, eating, photography, and a little bit of fly fishing. The amount of gear that I can haul with me on the raft is limited. Can I get by just wading into the river (or the smaller tributaries) in just a swim suit and Teva's, or do I really need waders?


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    This is one of those questions that maybe answered
    best by your preference. Are the rivers your planning
    on visiting "coldwater" rivers, or "warmwater" ? I know
    that might sound like a dumb question, but comfort often
    is a preference to many. I personally have never "wet-
    waded", but then again I have never wanted to do that.
    I like having "protection". Many rivers I traverse in Michigan
    have a lot of woods along the banks with tons of poison ivy,
    etc. so waders are a must to me.

    Hope you have a great time,

    Tie One On

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    Default Re: Do I Need Waders?

    This sounds more like a rafting trip than a fishing trip. If you will just occasionally fish you can get by with shorts. I doubt you will want to do any deep wading with out waders. One trick is to wear neoprene booties in your sandals. Keeping your feet warm makes a big difference.

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    Not that I am against waders, I just have fished allover the west and never used waders. Warm water, cold water, shallow water, deep water. One thing that stops me is that my father had a good friend drown wearing waders. He fell is about knee deep water and not having on a belt around his waist, his waders filled with water and pulled him under. Unusual, but it can happen. My best friend, unknowingly, snagged his waders, found them filling rapidly with water, was able to escape only because he was trained not to panic in that type of situation as a Navy deep diver. The biggest problem is your tolerance for cold water. I have waded in water coming off a glacier in Olympic National Park and except for my feet being numb, no bad effects. To me it is just more equipment to haul around and I am a miminalist.

    Curious about your name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboy View Post
    Curious about your name?
    I graduated from Clemson back when we carried a rifle every Thursday.

    And Frank, you are correct -- it is mostly a rafting trip.

    Thanks to all for the help! I think I will take binoculars instead of waders.


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    I never take waders this time of year. The cold water feels downright good. I use neoprene booties inside my wading boots and try not to wade crotch deep!
    All Means All

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