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Thread: Sunglasses

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    im pretty picky about sunglasses. after almost putting an eye out once before from a fishing incident im very picky about mine. i mostly wear Oakley or Costa Del Mar. the pair i have now are a pair of Oakley Fives Squared grey lenses. havent got to try them out yet fishing as i jsut got them last week. ill see how they work this week i hope
    like others said jsut get the best pair you can afford but make it a quality brand, Smith,Oakley,Costa, Maui Jim, Orvis and so on. the cheap ones are ok if thats all you can get but once you get a good pair you wont ever want to go back

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    as a person with MAJOR eye problems, I am very particular about sunglasses. I wear specially fitted hard contacts for a corneal issue, and my eyes are very sensitive to light. I've been through Smith's, Maui Jims, Oakleys, and a few ither brands, but have settles on Costa del Mar. Their laminated glass lenses (I think its called the 540), is tops. Durable, really clear optics, and Costa's lifetime warranty and customer care is great ( I have used it twice).

    I prefer mirrored amber lenses for the bulk of my fishing. Style? My personal preference is the Howler, but I also have a pair of Wavekillers that wrap my head very well. The only draw back to glass lenses, going from air conditioning to hot and humid will cause them to fog until they temperature normalize. But being able to clean them with what ever is at hand is a HUGE benefit IMO.

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    Anyone have experience fishing with Native brand sunglasses? I found a great price on some through a friend, and they seem to be high quality. I also like that they have interchangeable lenses. I am just not sure if they're good for seeing into the water.

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    I wear oakley sunglasses. But i have a combo of useds for them - Running, cycling, and fishing.
    I bought some (jawbone) that would give my eyes good wind protection when riding the bike, and just got some extra polarized lenses for them for fishing.
    If you look around online you can get pretty good deals on oakley. Google oakley vault, they are always on sale there, even polarized, though not alway in the amber color, which greatly improves contrast. There is even a brick and mortar Oakley Vault store in Denver, maybe swing by there, at least you get to try them on and see how they fit your face. I've also worn Oakley Flak Jacket for fishing too.
    Well, my 2 cents worth.

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