We have oil and gas leases in three states, but own very little land outright. The company does not allow hunting on the land we do own in that the tank batteries might develope holes, although a shotgun normally wil not puncture a tank. (We have had a problem or two over the years with tanks being used for target practice.) The land we have, unfortunately, does not have any lakes or ponds.

I used to hunt duck, quail and dove quite a bit, but since I moved up from Ardmore I've lost all my hunting spots. Same goes for lakes to fish in. I used to have seveal in southern Oklahoma that held some rather nice large mouth. Catching them on a fly rod was about as good as it gets! Homes now occupy my dove and quail sites.

I am looking for new places to try. I've been going over to the Lower Illinois for trout and I hope to get back down to Beaver's Bend and the Lower Mountain Fork River, but work has me tied to a desk here in OKC. I did have several farmers who would let me fish their ponds and lakes just west of OKC, but now they have tenants who do not want fishermen on the property. Seems too many visitors have violated the trust put in them and some just don't bother to even ask anymore. It makes it harder for someone who respects a man's property to get in.

Several of my crew mentioned river fishing in the panhandle area. I think they have spots on the Cimmarron and South Canadian. Lately when I get up there it has been either sub-zero temps or pouring rain so I have not been able to check them out. I'm trying to schedule a trip to Perryton and Liberal in August or early September. If I can arrange it I will email you from here that I am heading your way. Maybe we wet a hook together.

Either way, good luck and thanks for the reply.