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Thread: Top 10 Flies

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    The Doctor Is In!!
    Hello to one and all! I am the Doc Of Rock and this is my first post on this forum.....hopefully the first of many more to come! Question......What would be your top 10 flies for fishing SOUTHERN MIDWESTERN TROUT STREAMS (Arkansas & Missouri)? Looking forward to reading your responses!
    The Doctor Is Out!!!

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    Hey Doc, welcome to the forum, seems like a good opening post. I am fairly new to Fly Fishing myself so I would be hard put to list 10 flies, but I will say I like Wooly Buggers, Hares Ear Nymphs and PT Nymphs for most of the areas I fish (western Rocky Mountain trout streams)

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fly fish and he'll probably go C&R, so you'll still need to feed him.....

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    As an Ozark angler myself, these are the flies I wouldn't be without:

    A good streamer that's about 3 inches long and is meant to imitate a minnow and/or some bottom dwelling critter like a sculpin. The reason I'm not being specific is that the streamer I use is one of my own creation that doesn't have a name, is simply made with dumbbell eyes for weight, cross cut rabbit for a body, and a red squirrel strip tail. I just tie in in colors that look like a minnow, or colors that look like a sculpin. But if you want a name fly, just go with a Woolybugger.

    Flashback Hare's Ear, size 12-18

    Scud pattern, size 16-18

    Pheasant Tail, size 12-18

    Fetal Emerger (egg pattern)--yes, it's cheating but it is often deadly.

    Prince Nymph, size 12-20

    (note that in all these nymphs, I want the bigger sizes to be beadheads, the smaller sizes to be non-beadheads)

    Adams dry fly, size anywhere from 14 to 22...pretty much imitates lots of small insects.

    Elk Hair Caddis, 12-18

    Stimulators in various sizes and colors.

    The tenth fly is whatever is sitting in my fly box after I've tried all those others and they don't work...but they usually work. I have quite a few other flies, most of which have caught fish at one time or another, but those nine are the ones that I always replenish my supply when I'm running low. Partly it's probably a matter of confidence...others will swear by flies that I don't even use.

    And of course there are flies for special occasions. When the tricos are swarming around, it's nice to have a size 24-26 Trico imitation, for instance. And it sure was nice to have a cicada imitation last summer when the periodic cicadas were out!

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    If you could narrow your location a bit or your preferred waters I'll let you know what has worked for me-


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    The Doctor Is In!!!
    I fish mostly Missouri Trout Water (Bennett Springs, Meramec Springs Park, the Little Piney near Rolla) I'm open to any good trout water!!!
    The Doctor Is Out!

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