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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Good stories guys! I'll throw in a couple more to keep this going!

    A few years ago I bought a nice one-man inflatable pontoon boat. It was quite a bargain and I was very happy. Keep in mind that I never read the manual for it.

    I went to the lake to try it out. It was a pretty busy day for the little local lake. There were quite a few people by the boat launch. There were also several people fishing by the boat launch. Well, I got the boat put together and pumped up and I put it out in the water. I waded out a few feet and sat down. Turns out that the manual (which I ignored) was very specific about weight limits. I was in about 4 feet of water and when I sat down, the one side sank and the boat flipped, dumping me and all of my equipment overboard. I got out of there and had the boat sold in a couple of hours.

    Another "incident" happened when I was wade fishing. The river has a smooth and slick bottom at that location, but it's pretty easy to wade because it's very shallow. BUT, at the end of some of these shelves are holes. On this particular day, there were about 20 people out fishing. It was right in the middle of the white bass run. I had my friend with me and he said all of a sudden I disappeared and all he seen was a hand and a fly rod above the water. Yup, you guessed it. I stepped right into the hole. It's a pretty deep hole and it's famously known as "The Hole". The embarrassing part of the story is that 20 minutes before, we met an angry and soaked fisherman who told us "The Hole" had sneaked up on him. I informed him that I never stepped in it. He went home to change and I saw him staring at me when I got up.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Fishing the 'frying pan' catch and release zone in July with lots of people around. I manage to hook something that feels large; I am standing in about 6" of water on some slimy rocks.
    I stepped backward while setting the hook, and slipped on a large flat rock. Landed flat on my back while the fish ran... I got up and he shook me off.
    Lots of guys standing around smiling and chuckling...
    I was just bummed the fish got away!

    Capsized a 'sit on top' kayak at a local reservoir last fall. Luckily I was near a rocky ledge to stand on... There was one guy about 100 yards away, keeping an eye on me I later found out. My dry pants leaked through the top, giving me the 'soggy diaper' feeling all day. Almost broke one rod, dumped all of my stuff in the drink, including the dog. It was a cold day, and the water was very cod, and it was windy. Luckily I had a spare set of dry thermals in the dry bag, so I just ended up soggy but kind of warm that day. Kind of funny, I had packed for the event of a capsize, and needed every bit of it...
    It ended up being a great day after I got out of the boat. Landed a 19" rainbow on my 'indicator spider' at the reservoir inlet, and later had a huge fight from a 16" bow that became dinner. I saw others catch some 6" stockers or getting skunked, everyone looked hugely jealous at my catch, so I guess getting soaked was worth it that day!

    If I don't fall in occasionally, I kind of feel like I'm not trying hard enough. Perhaps a bad habit from too many years of rock climbing?!

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    You guys have sure had some bloopers, however, I will cast my vote for best of show as follows: 1'st time Poster 'thehumblefly' on page 1. This guy was the star of a fly fishing segment for the Travel Channel TV. and gave himself a 13 stitches laceration while getting started! Painfully embarassing I would say and given the context of how and when it happened I gotta vote for 'thehumblefly'

    I have been lucky in the order in that I have had very few maladays and even fewer that had witnesses. If you have read things I posted over the years then you know I tend to be long winded when telling a tale. I want you to get the whole thing so I go crazy once I start typing. This story is located in my blog pages here on the forum. It is a 2 part entry and you will have to turn to page 3 to get the final act. Trust me when I tell you that this was my most embarassing moment ever since I started fishing. Even today I have a hard time smiling unless I think about watching someone do what I did.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    I knew we had a thread like this a while back but since it's been quite some time, I thought since we've had some new faces we could keep this funny thread rolling.

    I had a "moment" about two weeks ago that has to be about one of my top bloopers. I was down at the river with a good sized crowd of people and I was wading out on some shallow shelves. These shelves were slick as could be, but I "thought" I was pretty good at keeping my balance. Well, there was about 15 people there who witnessed me slip and fall square on my back. It couldn't have been a simple wipe out though. Nope. I had to somehow skid forward on one leg about 5 feet with my arms flailing out at my sides before I promptly splat down. I got up completely soaked hoping no one noticed. Turns out, everyone noticed.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Okay it was not fly fishing but it involved water and fishing boats. I was staying with my family at a waterfront cabin with two other families on Lake Tahoe with my boat at anchor about 40' off shore.

    I decided to go out and have lunch on the boat while everyone else sat on the house's porch. I had a plate full of food in one hand and was side stroking out to the boat with the other hand when about a half dozen geese spotted my plate and decided they wanted it. So here I am trying to swim one handed, hold my plate out of the water with the other and still trying to fight off the geese. The folks on our porch and on the other two neighbor cabins were roaring with laughter.

    However, although I did feel rather embarrassed I did make it to the boat and did enjoy my lunch but, no one even tried to join me!


    Tim C.

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    Arriving at a classic 'technical' water where only fine leaders and pocket lint flies need apply with only a musky rig. The needed rig is home 3 hours away.
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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    I had just bought my first float tube and was on a good sized lake. I was trying to fin back to shore against the wind and developed a cramp in my left hamstring. I couldn't kick without it balling up. PAIN. I really needed to get to shore but alas.........I pooped my pants. There, I acknowledged it happened....Does this count as an embarrassing moment or sharing too much? At least I was alone on the lake and man enough to go commando the remainder of the day. Del Canty would have been proud of me!
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Just a typical glimpse of a day on the river from me:

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Well, one that comes to mind for me...

    I had a friend coming to visit us out here in Montana, and he had one day to fish. So we planned a trip on the Yellowstone. I would row the raft while he fished.

    It was springtime, before the snowmelt started, and the Yellowstone was in great shape for fishing. The night before, I looked at the weather forecast. Sunny to partly cloudy...okay. Highs reaching 70 degrees...okay. Wind...uh-oh, 30 mph, gusting to 45 mph. Well, it's his only day. We should go up in Paradise Valley, which is often less windy than below Livingston. Maybe the wind wouldn't be too bad.

    What I failed to notice was wind direction...out of the northeast. That means it blows directly up the valley, funneled between the mountains. We get on the river about 10 AM and it's not too bad. By noon, though, it's really honking. We stop for lunch, and I pull the raft up onto the rocks, throw out the 30 pound anchor in about two inches of water, and then we retreat to the brush to eat lunch, trying to get out of the wind. Twenty minutes later, we finish eating, and I emerge from the see the raft, floating free, out in the middle of one of the deepest pools on that stretch of the river. It was in an eddy, and the current would take it out of the eddy, then the wind would blow it right back in. There's absolutely no way I can think of to get to that raft. It's a long, deep pool; if the current ever beats the wind and pushes the raft downstream, I'll have to run a quarter mile downriver, and wade out into the riffle and hope the raft comes close enough to grab it. We wait a half hour. The raft stays put. Finally a drift boar appears coming around the bend. They grab the raft and row it over to us, just shaking their heads at the idiot that let his raft get away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevadanstig View Post
    Just a typical glimpse of a day on the river from me:

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
    That hits close to home!!

    My most recent one, and why I have a broken 5 weight Sage.

    Using borrowed cars, I got to my fishing this past winter in Colorado. I started just putting the rod in the passenger side of the car, with the tip going out the back driver's side window (i'd crack it and the rod only stuck out two feet, almost straight back)

    I was really excited to fish new water I drove 45 minutes to. Was SO excited, that I put all the windows up when I got there and heard the crunch. The last 4 inches of my rod chopped off!

    More recently, and not really anything to do with fly fishing, taking the boat 180 miles in a day with only a barracuda to show for it.

    Whatever happens to us while fishing, all the negatives are just "paying dues" and good fish karma. Every bad occurrence has an equal and positive counterpart later on in your fishing career haha.

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