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    Default Most embarrassing moments?

    I posted a topic like this on another forum and we had a riot! We've all had some really embarrassing moments while fly fishing. This is just a thread to share some and give everyone a chuckle. Here's one of my "best" ones.

    I was getting ready to fish and while unpacking my gear a gentleman came up to me and made some small talk with me about fly fishing. He seemed pretty interested in what I was doing because not too many people fly fish the Maumee River and he asked if it would be okay if he watched. I told him that it would be perfectly fine. (For some reason I always draw a crowd. Most likely people think I'm nuts for trying in this river.) Anyway, before I departed out to the middle of the river, the guy told me he had an old fly rod and asked for some lessons. I told him that wouldn't be a problem because I gave many fly casting lessons to folks.

    I finally got out to the center of the river. It's pretty rocky where I fish and can be a pain sometimes. I started off casting and things were going great until one of the rocks shifted and I lost my balance just as I started my backcast. I ended up fudging the cast and got whacked in the face with a tangled mess of line and leader. As I looked up, the man promply left and I could see people giggling. I moved downstream and out of sight for a while.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Good post hammer. I went to college @ Bowling Green and know very well the crowds the Maumee attracts during the runs of Walleye.

    I guess my most embarrassing moment was one time fishing the Allegheny National Forest with Chi flyfisher and another guy who used to fish with us, I was coming down a steep embankment crossing a back flow created by one or a herd of very busy beavers. I put my boot down and slid right down the mud, into the flow and stuck my arms out so as to keep water from filling into my boots. I did a gator roll and got myself up and out of there quickly with little water in my boots, but found Chi laughing hysterically and quite loud. We were in a fairly isolated area and his laughter just carried and echoed in the valley. I can hear his laughter echoing vividly as I type this. Once he finally caught his breath, he commented on my form when falling and how ridiculous I looked. I was just happy to not have water logged boots and clothes!

    Funny thing about it, a year or so before, I was fishing another stream with a friend of mine and he proceeded to do the exact same thing. Unfortunately for him, there were several kids behind him watching him fish and they lost it. Along with the crowd of people who frequent the area and hit the antique shops.
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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    I got one.
    One morning I was fishing a larger pond here in town out of my canoe.
    Unless it's too windy, when I fish from the canoe I like to stand to cast and paddle.
    There's a trail around the pond and man with a dog saw me and stopped to chat. He'd never seen anyone standing in a canoe before and was curious as to if I'd ever tipped and fallen in. Just as I was telling him that it was a piece of cake, surprise! I got a strike from a big smallmouth.
    Well, between the distraction of the guy on shore and the shock of having a fish on.... down I went.
    Not into the water fortunately, but backward onto my woodframe/rawhide seat. Busting the seat and badly bruising my ego.
    I did land the fish though
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    i have hooked myself in the bum when casting a clouser . ive fallen out of a kayak almost fell out of a boat today when a buddy was paddling

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Ok, I'll play.

    Many years ago a couple friends and I decided to buy a drift boat, we figured the initial cost of the boat and any subsequent repair cost associated with the learning curve of rowing would be better split between three instead of one.

    Anyway, on the maiden voyage we decided to fish The Green River below Flaming Gorge on a crowded early Summer day. My turn to row came up, I took my position on the oars and quickly found out it wasn't as easy as others make it appear and proceeded to let the boat spin out of control with folks lined up on both sides of the river and a few others fishing right where the boat was headed. I apologized up and down while explaining that I was a "rookie on the oars", fortunately everyone (who's hole I blew through) was understanding and laughed along with the others in the boat. I wasn't laughing.

    It was a tough go for a while learning to control a drift boat and honestly I almost quit and sold my share of the boat to the other guys, looking back I'm so glad and thankful I didn't.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Last winter I decided to give the warmwater discharge from an electric generating station into the Ohio river a try. It was well below freezing - air temperature in the teens.
    I wore hip boots and planned to do only shallow wading since I was alone.
    When I got there I found several bait fishermen along the bank of the creek the warmwater discharges into so I went downstream of the creek to the main river.
    Took the 9'5" Sage 8wt and waded out to where the water was thigh deep.
    I was on a sand bottom and never thought of the occasional "pocket" of mud that is often found on the bottom. There will be sand, then suddenly you'll be in sticky clay soil mud. I stood and made a few casts, then decided to move downstream. My left foot made a step, but my right foot was mired in mud.
    Lost my balance, staggered and sloshed around, filled my right boot with water (nice warm water), and finally pulled my foot free. Made my way to the bank, ignored the looks and laughter from the others that had witnessed my performance, and headed for my truck without looking back.
    It's a long walk to the truck and I had very cold water in the boot and a few patches of ice on my clothes by the time I got to the truck.

    Not promising I won't repeat the performance this winter, but you can bet I'll double check and make sure the spare change of clothes I usually keep in the truck are there before I go wading again. I had cleaned out the truck after deer season ended and had taken the bag with the spare clothing out from behind the seat a few weeks before the urge to go fishing hit.
    A 20 mile drive in wet pants is memorable.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    Fishing salmon with my son in August I finished the run first and was wading upstream to meet him. A knee high boulder took me by surprise and after flailing my arms and desperately trying to keep my balance down I went into mid 50 degree F water. Trying to protect my rod, I had to roll over on my back in order to stand up, thoroughly soaking myself.
    When I finally righted myself I was pleased to see my son seemingly oblivious to the fact I had just fallen in (I had laughed shamelessly at him not two weeks previous when he'd done the same thing). As I approached him he looked up and sober as a judge says, "sucks, don't it?"
    "I cast my hook into a single stream; but my pleasure is as if I owned a kingdom." - Chi K'ang (223-262)

  14. Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    There are so many I dont know where to start, here goes. I was filming a show with the travel channel and a beautiful female host. I was supposed to be the the guide, wise, self confident and all knowing. We were fishing a lake and the wind was reaching into the 40's. Im sure you know whats coming next, ya ya, I hooked myself in the side of the face with a wooly bugger that ripped clean through the skin leaving a gash in my face that took 13 stitches to close. We had to duct tape my face and they had to film me from the other side for the rest of the day. I watched the host flinch every time I cast the rest of the day.

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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    It must have been the second or third time I was out with my fly gear. I took the family to the lake and while they wandered around, I was going to get some practice casting in. Of course I forgot how windy it gets at the lake.

    So there I am on the shore, flailing around and getting whapped in the face with the line every time.

    Finally the misses sees me stop and start to carefully pull the line in from the tangled mess at my feet. She comes over and looks at me funny, "What's wrong?"

    "Can you see how bad the fly is stuck?"

    "Where is it?"

    "In my neck...."

    Her eyes widen as she looks on the other side of me, then kind of shake her head and plucks it out. "It was barely attached, you baby," as she walks away shaking her head.
    Anthony Laurence
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    Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

    It wasn't fly fishing, but it was fishing, and it CERTAINLY was embarrasing!

    The local PD Chief and I (I was Fire Chief then) went out for a day of trolling the channel for Summer walleye's in the tailwaters of a local hydro electric plant. After a good day of fishing (is there really ever a bad day?), we were headed back to the boat launch, talking about our catch, and the "one that got away". I had the "helm" of the 14' aluminum boat, but he was sitting a couple of seats up, facing the rear towards me, as we headed back to the lauch area.

    He, like me, is a "big" guy, so the only thing that i really couldn't see well, wa directly right in from to me, as it was blocked by his profile. We will both swear on stacks of Bibles that there was no beer or other ETOH on-board either the boat or us, either!

    Well, let me tell you, what a resounding thump and crash occurs when a 14' aluminum boat, being pushed by a little 15HP E-rude, SLAMS into a full-size river buey at full speed!

    Fortunately, no one was hurt; no tackle broken (though it was tossed about a little), and a local welding shop was able to repair the cracked-open bow plate on the boat. (Did I mention that it was my Dad's boat, which we had borrowed? I didn't think so...)

    Nothing hurt but our pride and a few bucks out of the wallets to fix the boat, but we still laugh about it whenever we get together!
    - Rick

    "A leader with great passion and few skills always outperforms a leader with great skills and little passion." Chief Rick Lasky

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