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Thread: Carp!

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    So while fishing for bass I've seen alot of good sized carp cruisin the bank and it looks like they're eating something. What flies should I try throwing to them, and any idea of what they might be eating?

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    That is the first step, were they clooping? Basically the samething as sucking stuff off the surface or were they leaving mud trails from the bottom? I know that they eat cottonwood seeds and mulberries so that could be some items that could have been on the surface. There are flies that you can tie that imitate these favorite foods.

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    in florida they are more than likely grass carp, especially if they are in ponds and cruising the banks, try small green grassy looking flies and throw it into a group of something they are eating and wait.

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    Indy: They were both sipping something off the surface and leaving mud trails. I'm thinking about throwing a matuka, gramper (helgrumite), or a dragonfly nymph.

    Lancer: I'm not in Florida I'm in NC and they look to small to be grass carp.

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    I have heard for mudtrailing carp stripping a crawdad imitator can get them to take it up. Don't underestimate these guys! Great fighters and SMART! They are great fish moreso than people give them credit for!

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    Chris: Take a look at this link that talks about the different types of carp and how to fish for them on the fly: How To Catch Carp On The Fly


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    Here in Upstate NY we fly fish for carp on the Erie canal. The favorite "fly" is a bare hook with 3-4 kernels of canned corn on the hook tied to a floro leader.
    It is fished in shallow water just under the surface.
    Be prepared for a great fight and a lot of stripped line.

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    I fish Moss Lake on a regular basis, which is pretty close to you, I think. I went yesterday, and they hammered a #10 carp carrot. I've never had any luck getting them on top. The only time I've seen carp clooping, they were eating midges, and they were grass carp. Never seen a common come to the surface, although I'm sure they do. They really seem to like bright orange, although I've caught them on a variety of large nymphs. Trout nymphs are generally too small and the hooks aren't strong enough, so I tie with bonefish hooks, and use dumbell or beadchain eyes to get the flies down quick. My best luck comes with placing the fly within a foot of their lips while they are feeding. Cast 3 feet or so in front of cruisers, although I rarely get them to eat. Heads down, tails up is the way to go.

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    I've come to the conclusion that these are grass carp. They've been flashing alot and chasing each other around, this leads me to believe they are spawning. I had one come up and mouth a green gurgler but thats the only action I had from them.

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    Grass carp is tuff. Hard to get TO the Carp. I did finally break down and started throwing a BIG UGLY. Big heavy fly that cuts through the grass.

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