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Thread: Patagonia River Crampons

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    Default Patagonia River Crampons

    This looks like an interesting idea for wading, especially for those of us that use drift boats: Using wading boots with studs while in the boat isn't a good option. I wonder how effective these river crampons really are? [ame=]Patagonia River Crampons - Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters - YouTube[/ame]


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    Has anyone tried these yet? I am interested in them for upstate NY winter fishing. I currently have the Korker K5000 which are wearing out and are really heavy, but they grip great on snow and ice.

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    Default Re: Patagonia River Crampons

    Although I haven't personally used them, I have read reports from members on a few forums I frequent that have used them. They have high praise for the traction they provide. Every comment is that they give much better traction than studs.

    Drawbacks are the cost and that they are heavy.

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    Default Re: Patagonia River Crampons

    I've seen these, not physically, but in a Patagonia catalog or something. Quite interesting, no doubt. They would be a great option for the boat, Larry. I don't think I'd want to walk a lot in them though, so then it's just another thing to carry. I bet they dig in though.

    I'll be waiting to hear a first hand experience.

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