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Thread: Forum Fly Shop

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    [img2="left"][/img2]NAFFF Opens Fly Shop

    The North American Fly Fishing Forum continues its efforts to not only offer information and discussion among anglers but to also make their fishing adventures a little more pleasant and convenient. The forum now adds a fly shop to this site. Now you can enjoy one stop shopping for your fly fishing information, camaraderie and gear.

    The Forum Fly Shop is managed by The Full Creel and forum administrators. A huge portion of the proceeds go toward keeping this website running.

    The fly shop is now open. We’ll be having its Grand Opening August 1. From August 1 through August 3 we’ll be having a huge introductory sale. Everything in the store will be 20% off for three days. So start planning now.

    To visit the Forum Fly Shop go to
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    Hi Steve,

    Is this in addition to the Full Creel or is it replacing the Full Creel?

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    Hi Frank:

    This is in addition to The Full Creel. My company, Anglers Marketing Group, is the parent company for several fly fishing operations.

    Among them are The Full Creel Fly Shop, U.S. Fly Shop (based in the UK), eBay Fly Shop, Forum Fly Shop, Aztec Anglers Guide Service and newly formed ***** Creek Fly Gear... and of course the North American Fly Fishing Forum.

    This forum was created several years ago to be an independent, non biased, discussion board and information source for anglers. This is never going change.

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    Thanks Steve!

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    WOW Steve, You must be a real busy guy !!!!!!!!!!


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    Yes... sometimes too busy.

    We presently have some items on the Forum Fly Shop that are not allowing the attribute drop down menu to work. In other words you can't select size, color, etc on certain items. They'll be fixed soon.

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