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  1. Default Tying Tyger Wire?? I cant seem to do it..

    I bought some Tyger Wire on a recommendation of a friend.. I'm going to do some pike fishing next week, I've got some bigger pike flies and I want to build a few leaders in advance.

    Usually, I simply do all my fly fishing with a 10 foot piece of fireline or or strait mono..

    I want to add about 12 inches of tyger wire to the end for the pike hits but I'm, having trouble makiing anything of a nice knot out of this stuff....

    Tying to the flies is even worse? The diameter is only .019 and this is the 30lb, maybe I need 20 or 15? I just can't for the life of me, "tie this stuff" as easy as they claim it to be.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Tying Tyger Wire?? I cant seem to do it..

    Hi lindmar,

    Here are a couple of knots you can try. The two-turn clinch knot should do the job for you. Unless you are catching hugh Pike I would drop down to the 15 pound TyGer. It will tie easier than the 30 pound.

    To Fuse TyGer Leader: Braid TyGer Leader for approx. 2 1/2 inches in length. With a lighter or a match heat under the leader while moving the heat source back and forward for approx 5 seconds or until you see the nylon coating melt together. Be sure to keep a distance of 1 1/2 - 2 inches from the leader while heating. Let cool for approximately 20 seconds then cut off excess tag end.
    CAUTION: Nylon coating will catch fire if heated to long, do all fusing in well vented area and away from all vapors. Send pictures and stories using TyGer Fusing to Ask TyGer.

    Tie TyGer Leader directly to your bait, hook,or your line. Tie the TyGer Knot shown above or any of the following knots:
    Uni, Palomar, Shearer Spider Hook, Rapala, Riffling Hitch, Simplified Blood, Extension Blood, Improved Blood, Dropper Snell, Improved Clinch, Double Improved Clinch, Albright, End Loop, Simple Loop Connection, Rhode Loop, Surgeon, Surgeon Loop, Single Over Hand Loop, Trilene, Homer's, Offshore Swivel, Crawford, World Fair or Try the TyGer 2 Turn Clinch Knot shown.

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    Default Re: Tying Tyger Wire?? I cant seem to do it..

    Hi lindmar,

    Did you try the knots I suggested and are they working for you? Did you get some 15 pound TyGer? I would appreciate a catch report after your trip.

    Here is another rigging setup. FeatherCraft sells a tiny seamless steel ring. Take the steel ring and tie one end of the Tyger to the ring using the two wrap clinch loop. You can prepare several of these. Now when you are ready to use them tie the leader to the other side of the ring and tie the fly to the end of the Tyger.

    Another way is to tie a loop in the end of your leader. Tie a loop in the end of the TyGer using the twisted fused method to for the loop. Now you can connect the TyGer to the leader by using the loop to loop connection.

    Another trick with the two wrap clinch knot. after you tie the knot you can fuse the two wraps like you do with the other knot shown above. This will prevent the two wrap clinch knot from slipping. You could also use Knot Sense on the wraps after it is tied. In most cases the two knots shown will hold fine and these other ideas are in case you get some slippage.

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