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  1. Default New Net for Old Orvis Frame

    I have an old Orvis fly fishing net. I'm guessing it's about 50 years old. The frame dimensions are approx. 10" W and 16" L. The frame is in great shape. The problem is that the netting itself is very brittle to the touch and is unusable. I would like to replace the old net material and use the net. I've called Orvis and have not gotten a response as of yet.

    Does anyone know if this can be done?
    Who I can contact?
    Any cost info?


  2. Default Re: New Net for Old Orvis Frame

    hey Epic01
    sounds like a Lg TD
    send me a PM mite have one for you.
    see ya Greg

  3. Default Re: New Net for Old Orvis Frame

    Greg, Ya think?! Man you probably have a bunch lying around that you don't wanna pack up and move.
    Would you hurry up and get out here! Shelly and Bruce are already there!

  4. Default Re: New Net for Old Orvis Frame

    i'm working on it.
    just need to get more nets out.
    is it hot up there??
    see ya Greg

  5. Default Re: New Net for Old Orvis Frame

    It is warm for sure. We have been in the triple digets for about a month now and now is the warm months.

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