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  1. Default Catch and release or catch and eat?

    Just wondering whether everyone here was strictly catch and release, or if some of you kept a few of the fish you catch for dinner?

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    Default Re: Catch and release or catch and eat?

    Hi Eric,

    I think it has a lot to do with the fishery and what you are fishing for. I can't remember the last time I ate a trout. I catch and release Bass but they are not the best to eat. If I caught Crappie I would keep some to eat. I think the important thing is not to kill a boat load. I would hope that every one is releasing the trout they catch unless they are put and take fish. In Washington and Oregon you could kill hatchery Steelhead but you had to release the native fish. That was a good plan.

    In Alaska I use to carry a one burner stove and a fry pan in the boat. We really enjoyed a shore side lunch of Grayling or Salmon. I always released the trout. One problem with many fisherman is they kill the trophy fish and these are the ones that should especially be released. I have a friend in Alaska who killed a 13lb rainbow and had it mounted. He was real proud of that fish. I never told him I thought it was a travesty to have killed that beautiful fish.

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    I'm generally a catch and release fisherman but I agree with Frank, it really depends on the fishery. I don't believe there is anything wrong at all with keeping a few to eat, as long as it's with in the law.

    Weather hunting or fishing you should never kill more than you're going to use and that doesn't mean packing the freezer either. The good eating fish are generally in the mid sizes for the species, that's also usually where the population numbers are as well.

    Definitely let the trophies and the dinks go. You can always measure and photograph the trophies thoroughly for a replica to be made.

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    Hard to beat a good shore lunch of fresh fish

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    That is a big debate among fishermen here is Colorado. For us, fish is a limited resource. I am personally for the most part catch and release. I may keep 1 out of every 125 trout I catch on average for eatting purposes. I don't care for them that much. When I lived in Louisiana, I would keep Red Fish, Flounder, and Speckel Trout within limits and eat them. Some people here just don't get the fact that if they keep everything they catch, there will be no more fish.

    Give a man a fish, he will have dinner. Teach a man to fish and he will be late for dinner. Quote by Someone. *L*

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    I will keep one or two fish a year to eat. I love fresh trout, but my Hubby can't stand the smell so I am limited to how I can cook it.
    As far as Trophies, I let the 34" 20 lber go, but I got measurements and a close enough weight plus a lot of pictures if I want it mounted, then it will be Fiberglass. They look better in my opinion anyway.
    While at Henry's last year, my Brother and Sister in-law and my self wanted trout for dinner, so we said the first to catch a smaller one (Big ones don't taste that good) had dinner. We'll I caught one and said 18" to 20". They said great and the rest were catch and release. Found out that evening that it was 24", but it was one of the smaller for me for the day. Not saying I caught a bunch, but enough to put the hurt on the arm.

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    Default Re: Catch and release or catch and eat?

    If I'm backpacking far from the crowds, and fish are plentiful, I will typically eat a fish or two. When you've been on the trail, eating freeze dried dinners night after night, fresh trout is truly wonderful.

    Otherwise, I'm pretty much a catch and release fisherman.

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    Your state should have done tests to determine if the fish in the water your fishing is safe to eat... The mines, gold leaching, mills above pristine waters and etc can be tricky.. You can eat one here and there without a problem, but some areas you are not to have a steady diet... Now im not saying your local grocery store is not worse,, .. I believe tuna has an unsafe level of murcury in it, or at least it did years ago.. Beef has growth hormones that cause strange things in people, but enought of that.. dave

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    I have been catch and release almost all my life, never "think" I'll catch enough fish to make it worth my while, took one nice bass this year and had enough pan fish to make a great meal of.......but I caught them and never thought to keep them as I thought I would not have enough to make a meal.

    I know mostly the catch and release crowd, these folks will take some for a shore lunch here or there and then there's the folks who are out to take their limit every time out.

    Boy do I have a taste for some trout, see my post about "trout-after the catch" so I will see if I can catch some and try them out again....of course within the legal limit.

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    We also carry a campstove and everything we need for a shorelunch. It's a great time and a great meal. I like the slot limits, they have to be within a certain size to keep, anything smaller or bigger gets put back.

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