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Thread: Fishing Vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratherfish View Post
    Tell me what you have for running boards, I don't really see any. I got my wife a 2017 DD SR5 with a factory lift and Nerf Bars last year - dang hard for her in and out of, we are in our 50's. My plan is to retire my '07 King Ranch eventually, but it only has 250000 miles on it now, so it still has a ways to go. But eventually I will take the 4-Runner over and get her something different. But til then, she struggles getting in and out.

    I have rock sliders on it now that act as steps but also protect the underside of the rockers as well as idiots who swing their doors open wildly. These are made by Hefty Fab, they are flat and and have tread plates so that the misses can easily use them when in heels at work lol.

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    The other fishing rig, 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

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    I love the mention of the old ford bronco! We had one that was all vinyl so after a ducking hunting or fishing trip we would clean out the inside with a garden hose. I would love to own one now, but I think they have been out of production for so long that there are very few out there that could make the longer drives that’s required due to my location.

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    Nice!! been using a 2013 sprinter for the last few years!

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    Woody, you got the best dang fishing vehicle I have ever seen. You need to post pictures of it.

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    Thanks JD... will post one

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    Well I live in Canada, Ontario to be more precise, so any vehicle is a tool not a vehicle. My wife drives a car and my truck is for transportation and getting us to any fishing,camping, recreation spot possible.

    Right now that is a Dodge Ram Hemi 4X4 with cap. Will never own a truck without 4X4 and locking differential...just a must up here. Sometimes got to tow a boat and sometimes going down old logging roads. However next one will be half battery / half gas type hybrid...they are coming. I always buy basic inside because I know I will get it dirty.
    Life is too short to not own at least one piece of Hardy fly fishing gear

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    I’ve got my 2011 Nissan Titan that gets me into the backcountry for fish deer and elk. 106k on it and running strong

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    I just invested $600 into my fishing truck for preventative maintenance, had all the fluids and filters changed in the drive line from front to back. Front & rear differentials, transmission, transfer case, oil change using Mobil1 5w-30, new driver's door handle & wiper blades and tires rotated. Should be good to go far a few more fishing trips!

    Actual mileage is now 302,000.

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    cUpdated pic of 2018 Canyon with shell and 3” leveling kit.
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    "Have Rod, Will Travel"

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