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  1. Default Help! Waders VS Wading Boots?

    I'm relatively new to fly fishing, and I'm ready to invest in proper footwear (old tennis shoes and wool socks are no longer cutting it for me). I fish mostly in the Southern U.S. (TN and NC) in cold water with a decent current.

    Cold water on my legs doesn't bother can be refreshing in summer, but my feet are nearly numb after a few hours.

    Would I be better off with waders or wading boots? What sort of waders or boots?


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    Default Re: Help! Waders VS Wading Boots?

    do you mean bootfoot waders versus sticking foot waders with separate wading boots? i'd suggest stocking foot waders with separate wading boots. for summer time when the water feels nice on the legs you could wear just the boots with a neoprene sock like the simms. the neoprene socks take up the extra space usually taken by the neoprene booties on the stocking foot waders. boots also offer extra ankle support. but i don't fish your area so am not in tune with the specific needs. when wet wading with this system, water will eventually get into the boots but the neoprene layer adds some warmth like a diver's wet suit. if you wanted to stay completely dry, depending on the water levels you fish, maybe stocking foot hip boots would work too. how dep do you wade?

    fresno, ca.

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    I use a set of Remington waders, bought from Walmart to fish in. I like them but am thinking about getting a set of Waders and Wading boots. The problem with waders like mine, one peice boot and suit, is that they are heavy and hot if you do alot of walking outside the water. Also if the rivers you fish are like mine (Hiwassee and Tellico) then the boot on the one peice does not offer much support for wading over slick underwater rocks. Another thing is the one peice waders have HUGE feet areas in the boots, so you have to wear a couple of pairs of socks to keep them from rubbing around on your feet. Now one peice waders have their pluses, only one suit to worry about, not a suit and then boots, and other things but they are not coming to my mind right now. I hope this in someway helps.
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    I lived and fished in the south for 27 years. The coldest streams of NC and SC were no problem with just wading sandels. I have a pair from Orvis with felt soles and except for occassional sand or a pebble, I have waded from April to October.

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    I agree with cowboy with the exception of fishing tailwaters. In 99% of the free flowing streams here in NC, I fish them in just wading boots with neoprene ankle booties from march til late november. The tailwaters are a different story. While I have fished them with just "Wet", they will make your bones ache after an hour even on the most steamy August day.

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