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    Default Steelhead trip to Erie

    My fingers have finally thawed enough to type this report. On Wednesday, December 28, my brother-in-law, my brother, and I decided to go for some winter Steel. Lake Erie has not frozen over yet, and the reports said that good numbers of fish were running in the tributaries. We knew from past experience that the crowds were slimmer on weekdays after Christmas. Its only a three hour drive from my home in Somerset County, PA, and we arrived at 730 AM to a very frosty scene. 19 degrees ambient, with the water temperature at 32. Elk Creek was full of scum ice floating down, and any exposed rocks were slick with clear ice covering them. It only trook me about an hour to take my first fall, jamming my knee on the frozen rocks. Bad words were said....over and over.

    The fish were there and hungry too. A number 18 bead head prince was working, and I hooked up 8 fish. Landing them was another issue all together. I tried every trick I knew, but keeping the line ice free was an exercise in futility. At several instances the line was so covered in ice that it couldn't be drawn through the guides. Landing a fish with ice covered line proved beyond my skill. We ended only landing one brother managed it...he has made sure to tell evrybody since. Here is the pic.....

    Even with all the cold and ice.....I have plans to take a personal day next Tuesday.....Cheers!

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    Default Re: Steelhead trip to Erie

    We just got a good dump of snow on the Ohio side and the tribs are still a little on the highside as of today. Hopefully the snow and cold keeps a few rods away and finish my projects so I can get out! Thanks for posting!
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    Congrats with the hookups! Ice locked guides are a real pain in the booty especially with a fish on. I use ice off paste and I stick to roll casting in those conditions so I don't strip wet line through the guides, works for a little while anyway.

    The Erie tribs have been hot the last few weeks, there is going to be a good snow melt before the weekend but hopefully it will be gradual enough to keep the flows in check.

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    Default Re: Steelhead trip to Erie

    Homer: Sounds like you guys had a good outing despite dealing with the ice. Hope that knee feels better and congrats to your brother on a great looking steelie!

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