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Thread: Tandem Streamer Rig ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanthealan View Post

    Wouldn't that setup get a bit twisted?

    It can, I won't lie about that, but if you use 6lb flouro it isn't as often. On windy days it really can get twisted. I rig my old mans up in the "Y" and he complains all the time that it is twisted. I have no idea what I am doing different other than maybe a little slower.

    And better know what you are talking about cause3 I am taking notes...LOL

    I also have flies (streamers) with the two hooks. One connected in the tail with leader material and the rest of the fly on the main hook. I also thread the trailing hook through a bunny strip so it doesn't tangle. This is a great BIG fish fly.

    I call it a STINGER hook.

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    I tie my dropprs off of the bend of the hook. Seems to work ok.

    When you said tandem that is what thru me off. Like I said before here in Maine a tandem fly is a fly with 2 hooks. You can cast them but they are used more for trolling.

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