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    Default First Fish on Nymph

    Well, I caught my first fish in years on a nymph today. I fish the Savage River in Western Maryland and today was sunny and hot but not a fish was rising even though some hatches were on. I've wanted to learn how to nymph fish but don't have the confidence yet. I've tried in the past but zip. Today after being frustrated somewhat because I couldn't make a fish rise, I tied on Pheasant Tail, a little splitshot and sent in flying. After 3-4 casts a nice little 10 inch Brown hit it! I caught another one later but he got off on the way in. Turns out I can fish with nymphs but I have a LOT to learn. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated! I'm also going to read a lot!

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    Troutslayer.... I still catch little fish with dry flies even in the middle of the day when there is no hatch, but when all else fails I will try a nymph. I don't do a lot of fishing with nymphs, so I need to feel the strike. About the only way I ever catch anything with a nymph is with a tight line "on the swing." This is a downstream techinque so you move downstream as you fish. So you would cast across the stream and let the fly drift downstream. I point the rod at the fly so that you can lift the rod if there is a strike. This is sort of the beginners method. There are other methods that are much more effective for experts and I will let the experts chime in on those methods.

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    Default Re: First Fish on Nymph

    Adding that split shot was likely the key to catching that fish. Many don't realize that the secret to catching fish on nymphs is getting the fly to where the fish are. You need enough weight (in the fly or on the leader) to get the fly to where the fish are, and a way to detect the strike.

    A movable strike indicator should be positioned roughly 1.5x the depth of the water you are fishing. Then keep the indicator drifting downstream at the same speed as anything else floating on the surface, and your chances of catching fish on nymphs goes WAY up.

    (yes I'm REALLY simplifying it, but those are the objectives)

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