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    Default Re: IF you use an indicator--what kind and where?

    all this talk about this stuff.. I have tried the little stick on foam indicators, and didnt like how it casted. functional it works great, other then leaving the glue on the leader if I take it off or move it.. I perfer topwater fishing but this winter I have had to fish subsurface and going by feel has been ok, but Im sure im missing strikes..

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    Default Re: IF you use an indicator--what kind and where?

    I fish a lot of stillwater and also fish a good sized freestone river. Some people feel an indy is ideal when fishing stillwater from a float tube but I rarely if ever use an indy when I am fishing still waters, even when fishing chironomids, I can however see where it can be more effective when fishing from an anchored boat, or anchored float tube since under these conditions you are not constantly moving or drifting and the line is not always taut or close to taut. I am much more effective feeling the take then I am looking for it when float tubing.

    If/when I use an indy, it is typically on the river and in the winter time, when I am trying to drift a nymph in the slower water or on the slow side of a seam, or if I am trying to keep a fly on a seam when I am crossing a couple different current changes.

    For me, indys are extremely effective when the water is cold you can put them on the slow side of a seam and keep them moving (through mending, etc,) just a little slower then the bubble line. Winter time is best for this method in my opinon because you are not thrown off or hooked up as much by vegetation growing up into the current.

    Which ones, well, the smallest thingamabobbers, about 1/2 inch I think they are, they are smaller then a dime and generally I like just the white ones cuz I want them to blend in as much as possible with the bubble line and color.

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    Default Re: IF you use an indicator--what kind and where?

    Sandfly, that's fascinating; I haven't seen that style before. No wind restriction is a plus and it will go through the guides which I think is a huge benefit if the leader is long.

    I should have added a fourth question from the start.

    #4. What tips do you have for someone using an indicator like the one you use, in the type of setting in which you fish?

    My answer:

    When fishing a long leader it is MUCH easier to cast when you set the indicator near the fly line.
    The take is the premier moment.

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    Default Re: IF you use an indicator--what kind and where?

    Tailwater systems with deep, fast moving water, and there aren't any trout within 5 feet of the surface, I use thingamabobbers. They adjust easy, don't resist wind, and are easy to tell if they are moving/ stopping, going down. We're fishing from a drift boat, casting downstream and mending to keep your line upstream of the indicator. Then we float and follow the fly line until it gets bit, set, fish on!!
    Usually double nymph rig fishing 9ft leader with first fly at 7-8 ft and 2nd fly 9-10 1/2 feet. Small tailwater stuff, disco midges, czechs, scuds. I usually put bb splitshot above my point fly maybee 1 1/2 feet.
    Missouri River near Craig MT, but will use the same setup on bigger freestone systems in spots. Usually not as deep. We also shortleash with thingamabobbers in shallower water.

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    Default Re: IF you use an indicator--what kind and where?

    Typically when I fish with a bobb** I mean indicator I am on a tailwater fishing for trout. More often than not it is in the winter time and I typically use one of the thingamabobbers (or however you spell it). As far as the winter thing it is a matter of places I fish. In the warmer months I am 99% more likely to be on some obscure freestone in the backcountry. The few times I fish tailwaters in the warmer months I am mostly throwing dries or streamers.

    To be honest when I use one I use the pink ones. Really for no other reason than I am superstitious about some things One day a really long time ago I had an awesome day. I happened to be fishing with a pink bobb** I mean indicator (it was the only one my buddy had left). From then on when I used an indicator it was always pink.

    Fishing stillwaters for me is always done stripping streamers and sinking line. I don't bobber fish on freestones. I will bobber fish sometimes while steelhead fishing. However I mostly swing flies when fishing for them.

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    Default Re: IF you use an indicator--what kind and where?

    #4. What tips do you have for someone using an indicator like the one you use, in the type of setting in which you fish?

    -Water load, short upstream casts to put the fly above the targeted area you want to drift thru. Short drifts, 10-20'.
    -Once the fly hits the water, upstream mend to put the indicator above the fly.
    -After the mend, point the rod tip at the indicator, remove all slack and follow the indicator downstream removing slack as it closes on you and adding line as it passes.
    -If you're not hanging up often, you're not fishing deep enough or heavy enough.
    -When the indicator changes motion in any way, just lift the rod slightly to either free up the hang up or hook the fish.

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