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  1. Default Giant Bull Trout caught on film

    Hello fellow fly fishers,

    Just wanted to share the latest vid with you from the Humblefisherman series.
    This video is titled in search of Bull Trout

    YouTube - In search of Bull Trout

    This fish was caught on a 2x double bunny using a 6wt fly rod with a 15pound maxima leader. Let me just say that this fish was a giant. And the section of river i had to fight it down was a nightmare. The actual fight took over half an hour. The Bully was released after a lengthy recovery.

    This is one of over 20 vids in the humblefisherman series.

    the collection of all the video's are available for viewing at:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    high resolution long versions will be available this fall.

    hope you all enjoy,

    The Humblefisherman

  2. Re: Giant Bull Trout caught on film

    Great catch! Thanks for sharing. Silver Doc

  3. Default Re: Giant Bull Trout caught on film


  4. Default Re: Giant Bull Trout caught on film

    Awesome video! Thank you for the information.

  5. Default Re: Giant Bull Trout caught on film

    Very cool.. What a fish.. WOW!!

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