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    I have been using this vest for the past year.

    Simms New Guide Vest, Khaki, Large

    I find that I do most of my fishing on my own. It has plenty of pockets for fly boxes, a survival kit, a couple of WP bags and my trusty Ka-Bar.

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    I've probably over done it in gear. Started with WASATCH TECH PACK (vest/pack), then added the WATERDANCE GUIDE PACK (fanny/waist), then finally the TUNDRA TECH PACK (chest/back pack). The waist pack gets most use if I'm kayaking (used in tandem with vest/life preserver jacket) or walking a river/lake. Tech pack gets used on those far away all day trips and whenever I take DSLR and tripod fishing (springcreeks/mtns). Vest doesn't get much use anymore. Never used a laynard, but I tend to carry a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapman View Post
    I've started to gather the bits I need to make my own lanyard, but haven't had any luck locating foam or neoprene tubes for the back of my neck. Any suggestions, Dan?
    Lowe's/Home Depot-Pipe insulation foam OR I use large diameter surgical tubing for the neck string on heavy aprons OR for one of my home made duck call lanyards I used brown plastic tubing made for swamp cooler water supply.

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