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  1. Default fly fishing in Tuolomne Meadows Yosemite national park ca

    I am thinking about taking a short trip 3-5 days to tuolomne meadows to fish
    the Tuolomne River and Lyell Canyon area the last two weeks of August. What flies should I use and what size. I just started fly fishing. I have a 5-6
    weight rod and both a sink tip and float tip line but don't know which one to
    use for stream and river fishing. Any tips on casting would be extremely
    helpful. Thank you.

    Allen D

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    Default Re: fly fishing in Tuolomne Meadows Yosemite national park ca

    allen... have you fished the TM area before? the lyell and dana forks are two of my favorite places to fish when it comes to scenery, despite the hiking crowd which fast-tracks through the area. whenever i fish, i stick to standard dry flies like adams in traditional or parachute patterns, black ants w white parachutes, hoppers, wulffs, humpies, etc. on ocasion, a nymph works but i stick to dries for the fun factor. it's a short season up there so the fish are not too selective unless you fish the lyell fork near the two wooden bridges where you usually find deeper pools, close to the trail. THIS season the water levels are very low everywhere though a buddy of mine was up in TM a week ago and said the water levels there were surprisingly ok.

    if you're going end of august and fishing dries, the somewhat low water levels would dictate a floating fly line. you never know if you'll find a pool somewhere so if you could, take a separate spool with the sink tip. depending on the sink rate of course. you don't need depth charging line. i doubt anything's deeper than 3 feet.

    good luck. if a thunder/lightning storm blows in on an afternoon, put the graphite fly rod away until it passes. usually they're gone in half an hour.

    fresno, ca.

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