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    Default How's your boat set up for fly fishing?

    I have a 12ft aluminum Hulse flat bottom boat with a kicker and electric motor. The floor is covered with outdoor carpet and both motors are stern mounted to free up the bow for casting.
    Built a wood platform to fit inside the bow and covered it with Astro Turf for casting. With rod holders on the side and fold down oarlocks makes for a good boat to cast from.
    Big or small how's you boat set up for fly fishing?
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    Default Re: How's your boat set up for fly fishing?

    We have a 12ft aluminum deep hull boat for Green Bay carp and smallies. Bow mounted trolling motor in the front, wood panel in the bow for a casting deck, with a fish finder for those deeper areas and a marine electronic board. Rod holders that I need to cut slots in for fly rods and removable oar locks.

    Plan on laying down some carpet or astro turf like you mentioned this spring to dampen some sound for those spooky carp and to make it more comfortable to cast from.

    Sounds like you got a great set up too.
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    Default Re: How's your boat set up for fly fishing?

    Hi Boz,

    We have an 18.5 tunnel hull that serves as transport to and from the cabin and as a fishing boat. I don't enjoy fishing from a boat but on occasion I do it. With this boat there is a nice enclosed bow deck / storage area that, if you must, can be used for a place to stand while casting. Generally I will stand and cast from wherever I need to be but the bow is best. All you need remember is to take rods out of the vertical rack on the side of the console and lay them in the gunnel trays so you don't whack them.

    The rubber mats keep things quiet. I do most fishing from shore and use the boat a transportation rather than a fishing platform. However, that's the nature of the fishing here, if I were limited to still waters then I would have to change a lot of strategies if I planned to continue fly fishing.


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