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    Default fishing with your significant other

    I have heard about alot of guys on here fishing with their wives and im wondering how you convinced them to fish or were they already fisherwomen( is that how you say it?). I want to teach my girlfriend to fish so we have something to do.

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    Well, heres how we got started. My wife loved to fish with reg rod an reels, But didn't like to touch the bait: worm , ect. I've fly fished for 25 yrs. I told her you don't use live bait. Took her home and showed her. took her out to the gunowder in md, for a begginer she did great for the first time. now she is fully outfitted and caint wait to go with me when i go. It's good to have a wife that like to fly fish.

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    I offered to teach my wife to fly fish, but she's not interested at all. I think she'd rather sit by the stream/river, read a book and watch me fail miserably....

    Sometimes, fishing, fly or otherwise, is used as a short reprieve from the wife/kids/job/whatever...I know it can be for me...
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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    idk i can understand it being a break but id rather fish with her than sit and watch tv i hate that

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    My girlfriend likes coming along but doesn't really have any interest in fishing herself. She also knows that fishing is me time (aka a break from her and reality) and doesn't really impose but she likes tagging along on shorter outings and a diner date.
    I always enthusiastically invite her the outing after one with a lot of fish and can never seem to repeat the feat for a real witness. Oh well!
    Also she is a great photographer and sometimes makes me look less baffoonish then usual(even if I'm not catching fish)

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    ive tried to get her to fish but she tells me she wants to but she doesnt have the same passion i do.

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    Mine likes to come with me just to be out in the woods/country side. if the fish are biting or I can give her a spinning rod and some grubs she will catch bluegill all day long and have a blast. She sees me fly fishing and says "thats too much work just for a fish." If only she knew. haha
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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    mine just cant commit

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    I once fished my significant other who was watching me on the bankdidn't C& R this time

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    Default Re: fishing with your significant other

    I'm not as lucky as Fysh or Mojo! My wife never liked to fish, but would come along in the boat, read a book and drink a nice glass of wine. My new girlfriend loves to fish, last summer I started her in fly fishing, but was advised not to try to teach her myself, so I used the local fly shop for casting instruction then took her out on a couple guided float trips where the guide could give her instruction while on the water. So far it is working out great.

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