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Thread: one fly

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    White marraboo tail with a little flashaboo, white estaz body with some nice dome eyes set in epoxy tied on a #4 hook. Great fish catcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by grassonfly View Post
    ill put megan fox, kim kardashian and jessica biel on the island and a good dog.
    To me nothing beats a clouser. Not a 1oz clouser but something thats drops. If it swims a clouser can catch it.
    With regards to "To me nothing beats a clouser".... I kindly refer you to your first sentence..... Reflect on that first sentence and tell me again that NOTHING beats a clouser.....

    And, to keep it topical, I might opt for a hopper pattern-- Wouldn't be productive in the winter months-- but (referring to the first sentence again,) I could find a way to stay preoccupied during those months.

    One more request-- could at least two of them have a 'mute button'? (you know which two.)

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    'mute button' is desirable no matter which one is case

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
    #8 woolly bugger; olive & black.

    Different generation, but could you see about getting Demi Moore on that island, too........................oh, and maybe Stevie Nicks................

    uh, this is probably in bad taste...but at least Demi wouldn't eat much. Stevie must be as old as I am for that one

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    ive caught more fish on a clouser than on any other fly but ep minnow is quickly catching up.

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    The scenario says it won't get torn up and so it won't rust out either, Iíll go with a #2 White Marabou Muddler with a little Halo flash in it for good measure. It might work on all of the those finned beasties in both sweet and salt water.

    About the other topic, I was thinking more along the lines of Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida back when...


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    perhaps we should choose the women in a poll.

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