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Thread: Hardy Zenith

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    Default Hardy Zenith

    Have you guys fished this rod, and what do you think, just curious, I've heard pretty good things about it?

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    Default Re: Hardy Zenith

    I have a 9'0" 5 wt. Zenith and it's a nice rod; casts easily, accurate, capable of going very long. subtle enough to give soft presentations and good feedback with a fish on.

    I hit most of the new rods last year and out of the lot; GLoomis' NRX, Hardy's Zenith and Sage's One, the only one that I purchased was the Zenith.

    ........but I kept my Z-axis and it still sees more time on the water than any other 5 wt. I own; a lot more.


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    I have the 9" 4 wt Zenith. I have casted it along side both the Z-axis and the One, and I prefer the Zenith to both of them. It is not the prettiest rod on the block, but it is incredibly light and responsive.

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    See a recent thread of mine here.

    To add, I have thrown both the 6wt and 4wt on the river with nymphs and streamers and I will be buying a pro axis next. They're amazing.

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    Default Re: Hardy Zenith

    I own one, a 490. It does, in my opinion, live up to the all the hype it has received but for some reason I'm not enamored with it. I went back to a Z-Axis, but I also am not ready to part with it either. Maybe I'm just too used to fishing with a Sage?

    The Zenith is a very light rod and when paired with the the right reel, it makes high stick indy nymphing very easy on the arm and shoulder. Mine is paired with a Litespeed.

    Definitely worth casting, but I would absolutely recommend casting a few different rods to see what you like. You see this advise mentioned time and time again "go to a shop and cast them see what you like". It's easy to dismiss this since it is mentioned so often and the internet offers so many opinions and reviews of gear. It is always helpful to read reviews from others on gear, but rods in particular are a decision that should be made by first hand experience when possible. Picking up the Zenith on a whim actually helped reinforce that with me. Though in my case, I strayed from rod manufacturers that I've got first hand experience with to a new manufacturer.

    Have fun in your search, let us know what you end up with.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Default Re: Hardy Zenith

    Depending on where you live under the Big Sky, you could drop by George Andersons "Yellowstone Angler" near Livingston. He wrote the comparison test, "5-Weight Shootout" (go to his web site for a worthwhile read) that put the Zenith on everyones' radar. I have one too, an 8 1/2'/#4 that is a very good rod. But like others above, I fish Sages and G.Loomis rods too and they all have different personalities that inspire me to rig one or another on different rivers. The #4 Zenith though was my go-to rod dry fly fishing spring creeks around Idaho and Montana last season.

    OK, I now see you are in Missoula. One interesting thing to consider; if you do the majority of your fishing on the Clark Fork, Biterroot, Rock Cr., etc. local area, Hardy is introducing one-piece versions of their entire SINTRIX line up from 3 - 12 weight! The new ferruless rods will all be 8' 10" and I recently cast the #8 in 4-pc. and one-pc. back-to-back and was instanly in love with the smooth seamless power of the one-pc. I fly on an airplane to fish Montana but if I lived there it would be a no brainer for me.

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    Default Re: Hardy Zenith

    i really like the Nrx

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