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Poll: Do you carry a survival kit?

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    For fishing, no I don't. There is always water to drink and food I don't worry about. I do have my Cabela's MT050 rain gear and usually my Zippo and a small knife. That's about all I need for a few days.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I think the whole thing boils down to what type of fishing one is going to be doing. For example there are items that I always take with me regardless of where I am fishing. However when I go to remote spots I will take the basics, plus additional items that are necessary. When I am doing a quick trip to a local tailwater, you know fishing where I can see the car, lots of people around etc. I take a lot less equipment, food etc.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I rarely get far enough away from the truck to need to worry about such things. I've always got a knife, a pistol, and a lighter on me.

    When we do pack up the canoe and do a float, I've always got a first aid kit, plenty of food and water, extra rope, floatation devices, etc.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    not a complete kit as i rarely go more than 3-4 miles from car/camper.
    although, a lighter, water and granola bars are always packed.
    if i was going on any sort of extended back country trip, a survival kit would be a necessity.



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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    Since I'm a kayaker and most of my trips are 10-12 miles down a river I carry a pretty extensive kit. The usual stuff - fire craft, space blanket, first-aid, rope and string, a real survival knife, along with some stuff I might need in case I end up on the river overnight like my hikers water pump filter, a MRE, hand chainsaw (a real one), LED headlamp, etc.
    It all fits in a small dry bag and weights around 6 pounds. I just throw in my front hatch.
    I camp a lot on the river so it has things I'll need anyway.

    A few of us that fish togather were talking recently about doing a camp out with just our survival kits, though I'm afraid that a few friends of mine might stick steaks and beer in theirs.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    When I'm Fishing I sometimes carry a Snake Bite Bandage when I'm in Snake infested areas at certain times of the year as our Snakes are The deadliest in The World.
    When Hunting for Samba Deer in The High Country we usually camp for a week or so & set up camp with everything including Beer,when we hunt I carry A Thermal Blanket,some firelighting gear,two way Radios,food etc in case I get waylayed overnight.


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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by riverbilly View Post
    I'm afraid that a few friends of mine might stick steaks and beer in theirs.
    And beer isn't a survival necessity??? Since when??????
    - Rick

    "A leader with great passion and few skills always outperforms a leader with great skills and little passion." Chief Rick Lasky

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    Voted NO. I always carry my cell phone and I rarely,if ever, fish where there is no reception. I don't fish in foul weather and only in small creeks. I am more worried about heat stroke and a broken leg than anything else.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    Disclaimer: This isn't directed at you, Ditz, but your cellphone comment gave me cause to think.

    If anyone thinks they can rely on their cellphone in an emergency, they are setting themselves up for a major fail. Fall on it. Take a dunk and its dead. There are a million ways it can fail you. I personally think that going into the woods these days without a survival kit is foolhardy. Oh sure, if you are fishing below a dam somewhere in a town, you'll most-likely only need to worry about the "two-legged" crisis situations. However, if you are on a stream beyond the sight of your vehicle, you need some basic gear.

    lighter, waterproof matches, firesteel (carry two different, in case one fails)
    first aid kit
    emergency blanket

    I recommend these as a minimum, but beware of overloading your kit with unneeded stuff. Oh wait, we are fly fishermen... we carry the kitchen sink with us! Still, keep it trimmed to the basics, and you'll be well-served.
    "You're not old, you've simply aquired a patina." - Swirlchaser

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I don't carry a survival kit when fishing, but after Yvonne's broken ankle, I have a contingency plan. My Jeep was only a 1/4 mile away, but might as well have been on the Moon. Yvonne wanted to sleep in the middle of the stream, and I couldn't move her (middle of rapids with slippery rocks). It took 30 minutes for a EMT's and fireman to find us. Once they arrived, they couldn't see us from the road, eventhough we could see them. My voice was working that day, but a loud whistle isn't a bad idea. Less than a month later, I fell about one mile upstream from that spot, and crashed down on my knee badly. I was certain it was broken, couldn't move, and there was nobody to help. The stream's banks are very steep in this area, and I was prepared to just sit it out until someone stumbled along. 20 minutes later, my knee felt better, and I resumed fishing.... I did have a limp for the next month, so I'm much more cautious when wading.

    I live in Southeast Pennsylvania, and most people wouldn't consider any spots remote. I can tell you that 400 yards from the side of the road can be extremely remote if you can't move and can't be seen. So while I don't carry a survival kit, I carry a better sense of caution now.

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