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Poll: Do you carry a survival kit?

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    Default Do you carry a survival kit?

    The thread about lanyards, vests or chest packs got me to wondering. How many people carry a survival kit when they are out fishing. I do almost all of my fishing a lone so I always take a survival kit. It has a space blanket, flint, tinder, first aid kit, a signal mirror, extra batteries for a GPS, a snare line, a small pocket knife in addition to my Ka-Bar and of course TP.

    So do you carry a survival kit??

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    All of the above plus a survival bracelet I made out of climbing ropre (about 15 ft of chord), a couple single wet wipe packets, and a Spot Connect which syncs with the iPhone.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I voted no, because generally, I really don't. When I'm dayhiking/bushwhacking a little I carry a 1st aid kit, lighter and matches and dry clothes. And always 2 liters of h2o.

    I'm really interested to see what others carry...good poll.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    The only reason I dont is because most of my fishing is not done in any remote areas. If I did any fishing in areas farther than a mile or two from any roads, I would without a doubt. As of now, all I carry is a lighter, just in case something happens I can at least build a fire, but thats all I would most likely ever need in the areas I fish.
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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I went yes because in the boat I keep enough stuff to cope with whatever. When I park at skinny water and hike up stream I stuff the most important items into a small pack and take it. Relying on a cell phone will not work because we still have many areas where there is no coverage. The boat items include fire starter; MSR Wisperlight, A small Sig bottle filled with Kero for wet fire starts, a roll of toilet paper to use as a wick with the kero, Granola bars (a whole bunch of em) MRE or De Hydrated meals, machete, etc, etc. Of course I also have the Coast Guard box O goodies as well, air horn, sky flares and etc. If I don't wander too far from the mother ship it all stays stowed on board.

    In the pack I travel light but if I'm bush fishing the machete is important as is the fire starter.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I voted no because the last few years, most of the fishing I have done is so close to my home I can walk back.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    having been a boyscout years ago, I sadly say I dont, atleast not to the capacity that I know I should. I do carry enough food and water to last me alot longer then I plan to fish, And my pack is small enough as it is, I have wondered about getting my concealed carry license to carry and small pistol for what ever may happen. I do carry one of those ridiculosly loud whistles attached to my vest also. I may revise my pack and make a small kit soon. good thread

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I try to carry a small kit with a poncho, cord, knife compass and firestarter in my backpack just in case. Enough to make shelter and fire if I have to spend the night.

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    No, because I carry everything in my day pack and vest to survive for a bit. And If I go alone I make sure someone knows my destination. I'm thinking about adding a Cold Steel fixed blade to my load. One time I was fishing alone and a couple of big dogs showed up. Looked like they were sizing me up but eventually moved. Got me thinking.

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    Default Re: Do you carry a survival kit?

    I carry a survival kit and my Ruger Alaskan.
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