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    What do you all think of the quick release set up to attach the leader to your fly line. Scientific Angler makes one and I think another brand. They are said to have a 10lb+ break strength and double as a bite indicator. Just wondering if anyone has had an experience with them. thanks

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    They don't work wonderfully well as an indicator, but they do a very good job of sliding through the giudes and I have fished 8lb flourocarbon many times with them and they've never pulled free.

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    I've had good results with them also. While they may seem expensive initially, keep in mind that you can continue to use them by tying on additional tippit to replace that cut or broken off, until in the worst-case scenario you're left with a leader butt for tying on successively smaller-gauge tippit segments to create your own hand-knotted leader. This allows you many more leader formula alternatives to the several sizes Scientific Anglers offers, which range from a 2X tippit/.022" butt to a 6X tippit/.020" all in 9' lengths. So really any of them are suitable for ending up as a starter butt in tying your own leaders, even for leaders longer than 9'.

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