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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    Mostly nymphing!

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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    Quote Originally Posted by lbz_2006 View Post
    Mostly nymphing!
    The idea behind Czech nymphing is that your basically using your leader and the length of the rod only. Keeping the flyline out of the water is supposed to give less drag and a more natural drift. The added length of the rod allows you to lift the rod as the fly approaches you and avoids slack that could cause you to miss a bite. That being said, I'm a terrible trout fisherman but I read alot.
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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    i recently got a 10' 3 weight rig that i plan on using for czech nymphing and still water use.
    i also own a 7'6" 3 weight that is used primarily for small stream situations.



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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    I had two 3wt rods - an Albright A5 and an Orvis Superfine Trout Bum. I liked them both, but I preferred the Albright; so I sold the Orvis when I was cash strapped. The Albright is 7'6" as was the Orvis. A 10' three weight seems a little too specialized to me, but I got the 3wt for dries on little creeks with tight conditions. Allen offers 3wt rods at 7'6" and 8' as well.
    Give the Albright consideration - it is $40 less than the Allen (I have an Allen 6w and love it!)
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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    I have four 3wts:

    1- A 6'6" bamboo.
    2- A 6'6" G. Loomis GL3
    3- A 6'6" LaCrosse Axis II
    4- A 7'0" older model St. Croix Imperial

    Although I haven't had the Loomis on the water yet, of all of them, I'm most comfortable with the LaCrosse. Not much of a warranty, but they action is smooth and roll casts a DT very nicely.

    The only real problem I've ever had was finding a light enough reel to balance it out nicely.
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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    I'm not wild about most of the TFO Pro rods, but the 8'6" 3wt is a wonderful rod for $150.

    They've just revamped it with the new Pro II series, so you have the option of new and improved, or finding the old model on closeout.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: 3WT Rods need help!

    Thanks for all the insight! Im going with a 9' 3wt z-axis found one for 335 couldnt pass it up! But i do have anothee question anyone ever try the otto's reel?.

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