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  1. Default Flies - how many make vs buy?

    Hello All,

    Newcomer to the forum and flyfishing in general. Flyfishing is something I've wanted to try since I was a kid and as I'm now getting my own kids into fishing, I was encouraged to recently buy a rod/reel combo.

    My question is regarding flies. While checking around our local fishing stores, I found a very small selection of flies in each. As far as I can tell, even though I live close to a large city (Toronto), I can only find two fly shops within 100 miles of me.

    Do most of you make your own flies? For those you do purchase, how many do you normally order online as opposed to buying from a shop? Ideally I like to see most things I buy in person but it seems when it comes to flies, this may not be easy!

    Thanks in advance.


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    well up to now i've just been buying them, but hopefully this week i'll get a tieing kit. if you cant find a fly shop try the fly shop from this forum or to get flies.

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    I believe there is a time and place for both. I have been tying for almost 20 years and tying commercially for a couple years. I do, on occasion by flies, for me it is a pattern that I want to copy or quite often a pattern that I just can't stand to tie. There are tons of internet places to purchase flies. Some of them are high quality and some are just so so! My suggestion would be to place a small order and see what the quality is like. is a reputable dealer and they happen to be in the town I just moved to, but I have seen some of their flies and they are pretty darn good. If you have the urge to learn to tie there are tons of videos, books and articles on the net that can get you started.
    Roughrider Guide Flies

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    I tie most of my own. Tying my own flies gives me the flexibility to alter, create, and experiment, which are all qualities that I like. I agree with Roughrider, he gave you some sound advice.

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    Default Re: Flies - how many make vs buy?

    Hi Steve,

    Fly tying is a hobby that compliments fly fishing. It takes some money to get set up and that could influence what flies you tie. If you have eye problems or are not very handy with your hands then you might limit your fly tying to the larger flies. Tying flies can save you some money after you get setup and have all the materials.

    I have found that if you are going to a new area or have never fished a particular river you should buy some flies from the local fly shop. This not only gives you a chance at getting the hot flies but might get you some information on where to fish. I always make it a point at a new shop to buy several flies and maybe some leaders or tippet material. Nothing gets you more information from a new shop than spending some money. Even if I had all of the flies I needed I would still buy some.

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    What about the big stores, Bass pro or Cabelas. Are they any good?

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    Thanks for all the info everyone. It's a big help. If I enjoy flyfishing as much as I enjoy other forms of fishing, I imagine tying my own will soon follow. I'll have to hunt around some more at the online stores.

    Frank - that's a good tip about buying local flies. When I head back to the Grand River, a place I use to fish a lot when I was younger, I'll make it a point to stop in at the local fly shop and spend some $$$.

    Dennis - I found Bass Pro very disappointing. I had a look at their website before going only to find the majority of the fly fishing equipment on the site is sold in the U.S. stores only. Judging by the prepared speech that the fellow at the fly booth there told me, he's been asked about the lack of inventory compared to what's on their website many, many times. Ah well, the kids love the store and it gave them a chance to stock up on jigs, etc.. for their spinning gear. Both of my kids are fascinated with the fly fishing stuff, who knows, maybe two future flyfishers!

    We don't have Cabelas in Canada though I used to order from their catalog in the past. We have a similar chain up here, LeBaron. Their fly fishing selection was better than Bass Pro, but still pretty thin compared to spinning tackle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennis View Post
    What about the big stores, Bass pro or Cabelas. Are they any good?

    the bass pro "near" me has been on and off. some of the guys that work in the fly section really kno what their talking about and have helped me alot while others were more of the i'm just working here to get money sorta ppl. but usually mine is very well stocked in everything i need.

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    Default Re: Flies - how many make vs buy?

    I usually buy mine anymore although I started to tie again this past summer. You will get a great deal of satisfaction when you catch your first fish on a fly that you tied. I still have that fly from many years agao! I never used it again! It was and is very special to me. As far as buying flies, Angler's Vice has some excellent flie but they are going our of business. They still have some left but not in all sizes. I bought some from the Flyshack and they were good as well. I've been wanting to try the Blue Fly Cafe as well. Very good point on buying some stuff from you local fly shop. We should support them!
    "I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...because only in the woods can I find solitude without lonliness..." Robert Traver 1964 (Judge John Voelker)

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    If you're looking for an excellent selection of flies, go to the 'Kootenay Lifestyles' store on E-bay. I have bought many flies from them and they are great quality and reasonably priced. And it's a Canadian site!

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