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Thread: why spey casting?

  1. Default why spey casting?

    I don't much about spey casting and I'm wondering why/when someone would choose to spey cast? Taking a guess, I would say that spey casting is used to to cast long distances when there isn't room for any back cast. I'm basing this on some spey casts I've seen on youtube. So maybe spey casting is good for casting on large rivers for bigger fish such as salmon?

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    Hi shmish,

    Here is a link to the History of Spey Fishing. It will give you a good insight into Spey casting and how it got started.

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    Your guesses are basically right on. Spey casting eliminates the need to throw a long back-cast behind you when needing to throw a long forward cast. It also allows casts of up to 140' with much less fatigue on the body.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Plus accuracy. With both hands holding the 13+' rod you can put the fly just about anywhere you want. Just remember the "D" on the back swing.
    Line being much different than regular fishing line, it will shoot real nice.

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