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Thread: New rod options

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    Hey guys I need some help. I wana get a new rod on the lower end of price range. I have 2 6 weight rods one with sinking line one with floating line. I live by st. Louis in IL so I fish for bass and panfish, but I try and go to some of the trout parks in mo as much as I can. With that said for trout I fish a lot of dead drift with an indicator.i do a little dry fly not a lot of room at the trout parks. So I don't know if I should go with a 4 wt or something smaller and what length will be best. For warm water fish i through a lot of streamers and top water. Thanks for all help and suggestions.

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    I had a topwater 4wt from albright fly fishing that I liked. Right now they're a touch under $80. They are 7'6" bit if you're not fishing much overhead branches etc you don't need one that short. I liked it for small streams.

    Otherwise, depending on your price point, cabelas or bass pro combos could get ya what you need including reel and line.

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    Do you have enough room to utilize a nine foot rod? When indobobbifloticating, one usually doesn't need to do a whole lot of overhead casts. Simple roll casts will do the job. If you have that room, by all means, get a nine foot four weight (maybe ten?). If room is tight, drop down to an eight footer or smaller.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    you, my friend, are fall out of my chair funny!!!


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    I have a 6 wt 9 ft reddington that I love I was more concerned with the wts of the rods if there is some big advantage to going with a 3wt vs a 4wt thanks for the help

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    In the wind a 4 weight will handle better than a 3 weight.
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