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Thread: Books and authors.

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    Default Books and authors.

    So here in New Hampshire winter isn't so winter like. No snow, temps have been pretty mild. It's putting me into a mood of longing for spring fishing, and as such I have been digging into books about fly fishing. But alas what I have on hand is pretty limited so I was wondering what others might have to suggest. Now the kind of books I am looking for are not the typical "how to", "Begginer that", "advanced this" and such. I am talking about the romantic side of buggy whipping. I have devoured my copy of A River Runs Through It (who here does NOT own a copy!?!? ). Browsing around my local library I am going to check out "Home Waters" by Joseph Monninger after reading his book "A Barn in New England and enjoying it very much (it was through this book I learned of his book "Home Waters"). And I just discovered John Gierach and have his book "Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders" on hold for pick up. So that is the kind of stuff I am looking for....good old fashioned memoirs and such. I noticed Henry Winkler has a book on fly fishing too that my library has and I may check out. But am I missing anyone (I know I must!!!!) Heck, it does not even necessarily have to be FLY fishing (*gasp* I know, please don't hate least I am not a bait fisherman! ). Memoirs of fishing in general will do. So, anyone have good suggestions I should look into?


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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    Maybe a bit of Hemmingway is in order....

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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    I have a bit of a book obsession
    Just this week I picked up a 1967 combined edition of George M.L. La Branche's of The Dry Fly and Fast Water (1917) and The Salmon & the Dry Fly (1919 )plus a 1965 edition of Trout (1938?) by Ray Bergman.
    The single most published book on fishing of all time
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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    I second hemingway, nick Adams stories are dark but great.

    Also The River Why by David James Duncan. Great, complex story with fly fishing woven through it.

    And for a third, totally off the subject, Young Men and Fire by Mclean, author of river runs through it. Amazing book.

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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    Good suggestions so far fellas! I'll work over my library's search engine tonight to see what they have and then move on to Amazon and the other book sellers to comb through the suggestions.

    Willamhj, Young Men and Fire has actually been on my to-read list for a while now. Our library does not have a copy, but it is part of a larger library network in which books can be borrowed from any of those libraries in the network. One does have a copy, it is just a matter of finally going and getting the book sent to my library.

    Keep em coming folks!


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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    I have spent much of my reading time setting on the Porcelain Library reading the works of Patrick F.McManus. Of everything he ever wrote, I have read them all but the last 2/3 of 'How I Got his Way". I'm afraid his books are like potato chips. You can't do just one.

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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    I read THE SONG OF THE REEL by George Frederick Clarke last year and am looking for his book; SIX SALMON RIVERS AND ANOTHER to read this winter but they are few and far between. He lived near my hometown in Woodstock N.B. and tells stories from the 1st half of the 20th century of guides and fishing in the areas I fish.
    Another good one is THE FLY AND THE FISH by John Atherton with many anecdotes from fishing trips all over the States and Canada, including his time spent with such notables as Lee Wulff.
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    Anything Gierach. Thomas McGuanes The Longest Silence. Just started An Entirely synthetic fish by Anders Halverson. Its pretty interesting history of the rainbow trout. I never could get into the River Why. Hemingways fishing stories are great. Hell anything by Hemingway is great.

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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    Man, how could I have forgotten about McManus!?!? When he retired writing for Outdoor Life I forgot all about him. Never have read one of his books which is strange since I thought his was a pretty good section to read in OL.

    Again,more good suggestions. I have some time now that I am home for the night, so I will do a little searching around with those suggestions.

    I also have a friend who found a book he said was great, Faithful Travelers by James Dodson:

    [ame=""] Faithful Travelers (9780553378887): James Dodson: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    Looks like it would fit the bill well also!


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    Default Re: Books and authors.

    Some other authors to look into... Roderick Haig-Brown, Steve Raymond, Sparse Gray Hackle (aka Alfred Miller). milt.

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