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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
    This 27 yr old uses his on some streams. Spillway Creek at Beaver's Bend is one for sure. Diagonal slate with an algae coating, yeehaw!

    those conditions sound like every boat ramp here in So. Florida. sun + warm water + algae= a sore butt, on many occasions. its hard to keep your footing when you are in a "hurry" to get the boat off/on the trailer.
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    Like Trout Slayer I also fish the Savage, the North Branch of the Potomac, and the Shenandoah. All can be treacherous if you aren't careful. I nearly drowned a few years ago when I was going across the tail of a big pool in fairly swift water. I came to a break about 4 feet across where the water was very fast. I backed up in the pool where I thought the water was less swift and tried to cross. I made one step and then made a second step. Both feet and my wading staff were in very swift water. My foot slipped and turned me broadside to the flow. I was swept off my feet through the break into the fast head of a pool. I had trouble keeping my head above water because of the weight. I lost my entire rig and thought I was a goner but luckily the current swept me into a group of rocks and I managed to crawl out. I learned a big lesson. That and numerous cuts and bruises while wet wading over the years have made me a very careful wader.

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    Skinned elbows and sore tailbone from trying to walk down a diversion dam to a different hole, should have done like the others I was with and sat down and slid down, they didn't get hurt, though I heeled enough in 3 days to try again. As for electornics I carry a Digital camera that is suppose to be water proof have not found out yet, cell phone stays in truck due to here in Northern Colorado the fish don't use phones and phone companies have not found profit in putting antennas in the mountains so no since in taking it wading.

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    Fell last week and cut my leg. Did not know how bad until I took my waders off some three hours later and saw blood all over. So the Sims guidewear waders are much tougher than my skin! When the swelling went down, the cut looked much smaller

    Caught some decent sized trout today on the Applegate River, OR using a parachute adam with a flourescent parachute. Really easy to see the bright orange parachute and even got some hits after the drift when the dang thing was underwater, pretty weird.

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    black wooley bugger in the thumb past the barb. weird I didn't feel it at all? had to use the forceps to pull it out also like dude said above, my wallet is broken if anything
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    Just last Saturday, I slipped, trapped my lower leg between two boulders, and fell sideways, hurting my knee. It could have been a lot worse, but it looks like I will be hobbling for at least a week.

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    I had a Tarpon take a knot through the guides, and rip a guide partially off the rod. Which I did not realize untill I reached up to straighten the rod out, and stuck the foot of the guide clear through the pad of my ring finger on my left hand! Should have gone and gotten stitches, but the worm hatch was on!

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