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  1. Default Fly Fishing Injuries

    I didn't know this was a full contact sport!

    Four weeks ago I slipped and fell on my way into the stream and thought I had broken my arm on the rock bed (turns out it was only a strained rotator cuff). The bruising is almost gone four weeks later!

    Has anyone else sustained injury on the stream?

  2. Red face Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    I have only sustained minor scrapes and bruises, but my pocket book has been hurt to the tune of 6 beepers and 6 cell phones. all drowned those times I fell in. Also broke a nice Winston rod. Not a pretty sight. I guess I've been pretty lucky as far as any major injuries. Be careful. S.D.

  3. Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    Just a lot of cuts, bumps, bruises and plenty of sore knees from too much walking or too many hours in the tube.

  4. Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    The older I get the more I restrict my wading. I stay away, as much as possible, from fast, rocky streams. Try to find those meandering meadow streams and less fast mountains creeks. Never broke anything, except my pride.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    Only injured my self once and I still shudder when I think about it. I was just out of high school and we were fishing a mountain stream that emptied into a major river. We were hiking and fishing down to the river. There was one section in the trail that had a one-person trolley car that crossed the creek. It ran on a steel cable that was about 50 yards across. I was in the cart and the first part was zippy and then you had to reach up and pull on the cable to help keep it running. I pulled with my left hand and rammed my thumb in between the cable and pulley. Dam that hurt, tore off all the skin and meat on the soft side down to the bone and brought the trolley to a stop. I had to pull the opposite direction to get my thumb lose. That was the end of my fishing for that day.

  6. Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    The only thing Fly fishing has injured is my bank account....


  8. Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    oyster bed and old shoes for me. I was wading the Indian River just north of Oslo Road and found several oyster beds that looked "fishy". climbed up on one took a few casts, had seen some fish near another bar a few yards away and decided that I needed to be on that bar closer to the fish. as I made my way off the bar my shoe lace got caught on the oysters and I went bum over appetite. sliced open my hands, legs and arms. only a few stitches were needed on this mistake. The point is that no matter the type of fishing there are bound to be injuries and accidents. the only thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and hope that you dont make them again.
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  9. Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    I was fishing a small stream on the apache reservation in the white mountains in AZ. I was sneaking up on a nice looking run, wearing a pair of shorts, when I tripped over some old rusty barbed wire, it ripped a 6 inch tear in my calf, probably 1/2 inch deep, still got a nasty looking scar. Went home and got a tetanus shot. Surprised I didn't get an infection or anything, man that hurt like the dickens. I still have two left feet!
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  10. Default Re: Fly Fishing Injuries

    I've had numerous bee stings, was bitten by a snake once, and had several strains, sprains, and lacerations over the years. My ego has been bruised quite a bit as well. I have had black bears sniff around my tent at night and wild boars size me up, but thankfully I wasn't up to their standards.

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