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    Quote Originally Posted by len s View Post
    I have been reading and learning and I guess some things are universal. Age, eyes, and knots. I had Lasik a few years ago and while I can see a country mile I now need cheaters for reading,I starting IV's, tying knots I would have needed them anyway but lasik sped up the process. My question is this. If you know in advanced some of the patterns you are going to be using has anyone ever tried tying a couple of tippet fly combinations, put each in its own little zip lock bag, and use as needed with a loop to loop connection to the leader? I figure this has already been tried and found not to be a good idea but I have to ask.

    Len S
    None other than Lefty Kreh gave out a tip several years ago concerning tippets whereby he sat at home in the comfort of his chair with great light, etc and used up a spool of leader and tied up a series of three ft long class tippets with a Bimini on on end and a Perfection Loop on the other. He'd then loop to loop them together and wind back on the spool eliminating tying that Bimini on the water. I took that to heart and it's a big help. Tarpon anglers also use what is called a leader stretcher bag or box/frame that keeps heavy shock leaders stretched tight and straight with the fly already tied on. Works great and has been around for ages

    Sure seems as if you could do something similar but instead of winding them back on the spool, or onto a stretcher, go ahead and attach your fly of choice and bag in a small zip lock. Try it, as experience is the best teacher.

    With all that said you should really use Sunglasses on the water for eye protection from the sun's harmful rays and flying flys! Get a pair with bi focals or get some stick on bifocals at your handy Walgreens for about 20 bucks and your problem is solved and yes they work great as I have a pair stuck on most of my sunglasses, some of which have been on the glasses for a couple years.  8088
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    Default Re: Question from a newbie

    Thanks for all the advice. Chuck s I always protect my eyes from the sun. The doctor who did my Lasik showed me pictures of the eyes of people who didn't. Plus it is a good way to protect them from foreign object damage.

    Len S

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