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Thread: Fishing Spain?

  1. Default Fishing Spain?

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll be headed of to Spain this may and June and was hoping someone on the forum had the opportunity to fish in Spain at some point and could share some places or guides that I could fish at/with. I'll be in Madrid for a few days, Malaga for 3 weeks And Barcelona for 2 weeks. Any info is a huge help!


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    Thanks for the info. Are you at all familiar with Gourmet Fly. Here's their website. I'm thinking that the Pyrenees might be the best bet for me. Could be a quick detour. Thoughts?

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    Hi Trout Bum !!

    There is a fishing guide in the central Pyrenees,

    They can bring you to wounderful places, lakes, littles streams, on dry flies.

    From Barcelona, it's like 3h drive.

    For the licence, it's easy. You have to buy a regional licence (for exemple Catalunian licence), and it's cheap. Like $20 for one entire year. Then, you'll find parts of rivers where you have to pay a dayli ticket "coto de pesca".

    You can send a mail to him for more informations


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