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Thread: Rod restoration

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    Default Rod restoration

    I recently came across my great grandfather's Wright and McGill 3 piece Granger Victory fly rod and Pflueger Sal-Trout 1554 reel (with his fly line still attached!). Overall, the rod and reel are in pretty good shape, however the reel has what appears to be some oxidation in places. I would like to restore it to some degree, but am hesitant to take away from the originality or do more harm than good. Any suggestions for materials and/or tactics for restoring the setup? Thanks!

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    Pictures are always helpful in these situations........



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    A solution of vinegar and water will do a lot for cleaning up a reel.
    Just strip it as far as you feel comfortable then soak it over night, rinse, and then brush it with a soft tooth brush.
    After it's all cleaned up, you'll have to lube it.
    An "official" reel lube like Quantum or Penn is best but any machine oil of a medium viscosity will work
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