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Thread: A day of tying

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    Default A day of tying

    Well, after tying a bunch of garish Alaska salmon flies on hooks that only snaggers would think of using around here, I decided to tie some tiny flies for the coming before-runoff fishing here in Colorado. I chose a Mysis shrimp pattern in size 18. Tying on the tail, which I think actually may be the head of a shrimp, was a piece of cake as was the shellback-to-be. Then came the dubbing that makes up the fuzzy little appendages on the things. It looked so easy on the video. My first try was much too tightly wound, so I pulled all the dubbing off and got another piece. In the process of winding that on the 8/0 thread, I broke it, and of course the thread came out of the bobbin tube so I had to deal with that. While I was sucking the end of my bobbin trying to get the thread through the tube, the thread unwound on the fly and the shellback-to-be became the shellback-not-to-be. Okay so start again. Everything went pretty smoothly and that first Mysis shrimp looked pretty good.
    The next one went fine except for breaking the 8/0 thread again. That stuff is like a spider web compared to the "A" rod winding thread I had been using on the salmon flies! After finishing the third one, I decided the material I was using for the "tail" was splaying out a little too much and needed a little head cement. I unscrewed the cap with the brush on my head cement and lifted it out. Well, the cap was still stuck a little and so the bottle of head cement decided to come along. At least until it got to the edge of the bench, when it decided to let go and fall on the floor where part of its contents made a streak (actually it looked just like the Nike swoosh) across the floor and the various brightly colored hackle butts left over from my salmon fly tying sessions. After cleaning up that mess I decided I probably should sweep all those feather remains up, as they had managed to become scattered pretty much all over the room and I suddenly realized that the place looked like someone had plucked a very brightly colored chicken. I went and got the vacuum from upstairs and hooked it up, plugged it in and attached the appropriate nozzle thingy and took care of those feathers in nothing flat.
    The rest of the dozen Mysis shrimp flies I managed to tie went pretty smoothly (I still have trouble with that 8/0 thread) except that I kept having to look for my materials and tools which were constantly disappearing among all the brightly colored feathers and flash material on the bench top. I am going to have to put that stuff away one of these days. Now where did those little flies I just tied go to?

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    I think anyone who ties has a time or two like that, especially moving from big flies... to not so big flies. It's just the name of the game.

    Although my tying station right now looks like i didn't just pluck, but blew up a multicolored chicken... that was filled with multicolor deer hair and flash... It's everywhere.

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    Default Re: A day of tying

    Hi Fly Flinger,

    The trick is to use the 8/0 thread for everything.


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    love the story! been there & still doing it.

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    HaHaHAAAA! And I thought I was the only one!
    It's just so much more fun tying (am I nuts?) than cleaning up the mess!

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