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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    Deleted... Carry on.
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    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    This is a funny thread.
    I'd like to believe that the reality for most of us is we couldn't care less about what anyone else is wearing or using.
    Unless they are being obnoxious they'll get a howdy how ya doin from me and more if they're chatty. I don't think I can ever recall what kind of rod/reel/waders/boots someones using when I look back on things but I'll always remember if they were friendly or not.

    When I can afford to buy nice stuff I usually will. I can't afford to buy cheap, it's hardly worth it in the end.

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    Not sure about that Carl, not sure at all. We see folks from San Fran and surrounding up here on the Rogue during the summer and only way they could stand out more is to be holding a lite road flare at midnight.

    A zillion years ago back up in Washington one of my fav. of all time trips was with the Chairman Emeritis of a very, very .. and VERY large S & L. Back in those days you 'took lending commitments' with a lender, made the mortgages and they'd buy same .... subject to drive-by 'field reviews.' We'd done several very (for the day) 'packages' with these folks so high level of comfort.

    Anyway (Ard, this will tickle your fancy ... his first name was 'Ard,' short for what I have no idea.), there in the Seattle area for 5 days of driving around and by the end of day two "I've seen enough, do you fish?"

    That's the same as asking a Lion "Do you eat meat?" Asking a Bear "Do you sleep in the woods?" Etc.

    Anyway, no appropriate clothing (gear I had coming out my ears) so off to a store for a set of new Blue Jeans (washed several times with a light bleach to 'age them,' ditto the plaid shirts and he was 'Good to go.'

    Couple of days later (bye the bye he was damned good with a fly rod) and one of the 'Sr. Locals' walks up and asks him what flies he was using, any success, etc. Two fellows sat on the beach, shared a flask of Single Malt and were heads together for close to an hour. He looked the part of 'Seasoned.'

    Back story to all of the above is I actually 'knew him' in a non-direct sense. As a Kid, all of 12, my first 'full time job' was signing up appointments for the local Fuller Brush Man. I kid you not. Got twenty five cents per scheduled call.

    Anyway, first buys with my riches was a new (and tiny) store in north Seattle that sold all sorts of things that you'd never-ever see anywhere else. First purchase (on time I might add) was a set of 7x50 night vision binoculars. Used them for a quarter century until the internals fell off .. think shake them and clank-clank-clank. Second/third buy was Theodore Roskos' (sp?) "Submarine actions in WW2, the Next was the surface version of this book.

    Ard's first trip ... 'Your name is really framilier, I assume you in WW2, in the Navy.'


    Did you serve on the DE "USS Evans" (yes, my last name).

    'Yes, I was the Executive Officer.'

    Pounded the steering wheel and said 'I knew I know the name.' Described just what they'd done on their first cruise from the west coast to the SW Pacific..... sink, or participate in the sinking , of 5 Japanese submarines.

    Extra fun part was Ard called me (actually we talked fishing a couple of times per month) and asked if 'we' had offices in Alaska? We did, three if memory serves.

    'We're thinking about buying loans there and want to work with a lender who has history in the area, can you join me for a couple of weeks for a 'look around?'

    'I'll have to check and get back to you but I'd assume the answer would be yes.' It was.

    We 'toured' for two days and fished for the next 8. Local Mgr's OH CAN I/WE JOIN YOU?????? Nope. Had to be point blank with one .... 'There is a huge trust factor going here, and I consider him a Mentor and a Friend. Zip is going to happen to fuxk that up.'

    Company and the S & L did millions of business together in Alaska. That lead to other Millions of business ... 'These People can be trusted, as I know whose guarding the hen house.'

    Heard about that comment from the Mayor of Juno Alaska ... I kid you not. Alaska Housing Bonds, we weren't asked, we were told we'd be the Underwriters. Ever have The Governor of a State call you, on your direct phone line, and 'Do you have time to talk?'

    Not 'We need to talk, but do you have time to talk?'

    'Yes Sir, can you give me a few seconds as one of my Underwriter's has a problem file. What do you think-thing?' Obviously have to paraphrase here.

    Yes he could, didn't put him on hold, let him listen in as one of my Underwriter's walked me through a 'deal,' the choice was at my signing authority level not her's. No idea if a yes or no this many years ago. What ever it was, the 'back and forth' appears to have made an impression.

    Positive given the result? So it would seem?

    So where does all that above go? My Admin. Asst for 17 plus years made a comment and 'Margaret, what did you just say?????'

    In the 'business' it appears I was referred to as "The Boy Scout." If you ever were one, you can guess the reference.


    Edit: That 'Tiny Store' in Seattle is now called "Costco."
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    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    The ONLY good thing about a tobacco habit is this. When the yuppie BS gets to be too thick? You pull out a tin of skoal and take a dip. Some folks keep on talking, those are the one's you want to drink a beer with. Others look at you like you're the devil. Those you want to avoid.

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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    Funny stuff ! I really enjoyed the comments from the clueless. They were almost as funny as the article.
    Would you please pass the Grey Poupon, my good fellow.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    And please don't try too hard: sixpences, berets and other alternative head gear may look cool in the mirror in the shop, but fashion statements have no place on the stream!

    Somebody needs to tell Yvonne Chouinard.

    spandex clad bikers

    These are locally referred to as "Plum Smugglers" or "Taco Smugglers" depending on gender. You know, the ones in the best shape, yet can't spare you a breath to say "on your left" when the zip by at deadly speeds on the greenbelt.
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    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Default Re: Dress code explained

    I don't really care what people wear while fly fishing! I'm a "sociable" guy, so I usually talk to everyone in the stream.

    I wear Orvis "sonic seam" waders because they are the very best. The best fit and no stinkin' stitches! I have a Orvis Helios because it's the best fly rod available today ..... the lightest and the best casting action. Not at all to be snobbish? LOL Most folks don't even know how much a Helios costs?

    IMHO, it's not dress ...... it's education? The educated fly fishing folks will usually have something nice to say and never pollute the creek! The idiots who can't complete a sentence will usually complain about everything and toss trash in the stream!

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