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Thread: Night fishing ?

  1. Default Night fishing ?

    Ive never night fished before but going to try next weekend. My question is, can i get away with using heavier line at night or will i need to stick with what i know works. If it helps, im going to be fishing the current river in missouri where i usually use 6 or 7x tippet. Thanks for any imput

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    Incidently I've just came home from Night Fishing at our Local Lake,it's 12.03 am our time,I would advise using your normal Setup,also experiment with larger Leaders which will help prevent Wind Knots which always seem to turn up in the dark when you are not expecting them.
    Sometimes you go ages without a Wind Knot then suddenly you might get 1 or 2 in a night which is really a pain as they can cause you to loose fish.
    Also we are lucky we don't have bears in our Country.

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    Default Re: Night fishing ?

    Personally I almost never use 7x and use 6x only when absolutely necessary so take from this what you will.

    When you're trout fishing at night, you're targeting the largest fish around and they can't see any better than you can.
    4x would be the lightest I would attempt but most likely I'd start with 3x and be wondering if that's too light also
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    Default Re: Night fishing ?

    what he said!

    I'm about to throw away my 7x 'mystery tippet' (hey, where did my fly go???!)

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    Default Re: Night fishing ?

    Here's my take on light tippet...

    Mike's Gone Fishin'... Again: Tippet Tantrum


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    Default Re: Night fishing ?

    I definitely think you're safe bumping up your tippet, especially since tiny flies are kind of a waste of time at night.

    Some advice: You know how its harder to see stuff at night? Bear in mind that you're going to be sending a sharp hook past your eyes over and over, flying through the air at over 30mph.

    Safety glasses are a GREAT idea.

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    There was a really informative article in one of the fly fishing magazines not all that long ago...."Big trout at night" or something like that. Anyway the author discusses fishing at night and covers fly selection for different light conditions at night; moon, clear, black..etc. and also goes over the fishes nighttime feeding habits. I remember the article being very interesting read. I'll try and find the issue, but in I can't find it maybe some else can chime in. C
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    Thanks for everything guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sep View Post
    Here's my take on light tippet...

    Mike's Gone Fishin'... Again: Tippet Tantrum

    That's awesome...I'm with RIP, I don't use 6x except when the 5x wont fit trough the eye of the fly, then I throw those flies away, they must be defective.

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    Default Re: Night fishing ?

    As Cliff already mentioned, be sure to wear safety glasses when fishing at night. This guy was very lucky he didn't loose an eye:

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