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Thread: what a gem

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    found this fly fishing property it has 3 channel miles of the Salt River in western Wyoming, 3 miles on 2 spring creeks. both creeks need work but the upper one is good fly fishing the lower one with some equiment would make some great water fowl habbitat.Place even borders the national forest but the price oh the price.
    Star Valley Realty in Star Valley Wyoming
    the salts is a good fly fishing river for cut throat , I like a adams, and fall a great brown fishery with wet flys. But I have caught up to 18 inch brows on 24# midge a few times.

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    I smell spam. (It smells better than most spam, but still spam.)

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    just wish I had the money to buy this place, I fished the upper spring creek a few years ago the last day of the season while everybody else was elk hunting. I turn loose over 50 fish in 5 hours. Alot of small cut throat, that Ifound out later that the Game andFish had planted fingerling early that spring.

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