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  1. Default how do i set up my rod

    morning of course by the title you can tell I'm new to the sport. i really need some help with how to set up the line this is how i did it not sure if it is right

    rod - backing (braided line) - fly line - leader - fly hook

    is this right please get back to me thanks

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    Default Re: how do i set up my rod

    Yes- And welcome to the forum!

    You can see some of the knots here:
    Grog's Fishing Knots Index

    Backing 20 lb Dacron or Micron backing tied to reel with an Arbor Knot

    Backing to end of fly line- Albright knot (there are also several other options) If you are using a double taper fly line it doesn't matter which end of the fly line you attache to the backing. If you are using a weight forward taper fly line make sure you use the back of the fly line (the part that's coming off the plastic cassette first if you bought new fly line is on top and gets attached to the backing). The front of a weight forward taper fly line should be noticeably thicker than the rear. It id the front of the weight forward that should be the last to be wound on the reel and first to come off the the fly reel when you're done.

    Fly line to leader- Nail knot or Albright knot

    Tippet- most folks would put on a short length of tippet, which is straight untapered mono (less expensive) or fluoro (more expensive) - say 2 feet or so on the end of the leader. This extra tippet section will prevent you from chewing up your tapered leader as you change flies. Most folks carry several spools of different size tippet for use with different size flies (see FAQ section for a thread explaining leaders and tippets) The tippet is connected to the end of the leader with a blood knot or a double surgeons (easier to tie)

    Tippet to fly - Improved Clinch

    Hope this helps, good luck! Keep asking questions as you get into it. Lot's of folks here can give you some good advice and help to get you started

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    thank you so much i printed your reply and when i get home i'm going to redo it.


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    Default Re: how do i set up my rod

    You're very welcome. Whereabouts are you? The reason I ask is that there are many fly fishing groups like clubs affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and Trout Unlimited (TU) chapters across the country that are great resources for someone just starting out. Most have informative monthly meetings, group trips to local waters and stuff like casting clinics and beginning fly tying classes. And it's also a great way to meet some new fishing buddies.

    Here are some links for pages that will let you search to see if there is something near you:

    For FFF affiliated clubs
    Locate a Club

    For TU Chapters
    Council/Chapter Contacts | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    Good luck

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