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    Hello. Im kinda new to purchacing fly fishing equipment. I was wanting to know if anybody could tell me somwhere to purchace 000 flyline for a reasonable price. $80 on ebay is out of the question. It is for a very small reel from and I couldnt see needing more than 30/40 yards of the stuff.

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    I don't even know if it "has" to be 000. Anybody know what I should look for? I need a very then fly line for a telescopic micro fly rod.

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    You might want to read this post from the FAQ sub-forum
    Fly rods work best when the line is matched to the rod and modern rods most often have a notation above the grip of what size to try.
    There are exceptions but standard line sizes are numbered 1 through 12 (plus a few more) and most are a standard 90' in length
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    You may want to check and see if you can find some older Sage fly lines somewhere online. I believe Sage (had)made/make some smaller lines to accompany their txl series which came in the 000 size. You might be able to find a good line for your rod on closeout for cheap. Good Luck!

    I just looked on the Serra Trading Post web site and they have a Sage Quiet taper II 3/0 wt fly line for 45$ down from 80$. Google "Sage quiet taper" and the link to STP should be right there. If you are not familiar with Sierra PM me and I'll tell you how to save another ten bucks using a promo code.

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    Or just click here:

    Sage Ultimate Quiet Double Taper II Fishing Fly Line - 80
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    If you need to figure out what size fly line to use, this is a good website.

    The Common Cents System

    It explains how to measure your rod's actual deflection with weight. Not all rods are exactly the weight they have stamped on them. They cast that weight of line well, but may also be used with other line weights. Some lines you might like better than the recommended line.

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    $80 is pretty much the norm for the lite stuff. Paid that for my 00 wt and yes it's from Sage. The 1 wt line was a bit cheaper than the 00. Keep us posted on the best price ya find.

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