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  1. Default Echo 5wt action?

    Brand new to the forum. It has been a source of great information and I wanted to thank you all for that. I'm looking at an echo classic 5wt. I have St. Croix premier now and it's a bit too stiff and fast for my casting stroke. Wondering if the Echo would be any slower and lean toward the medium side..any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Echo 5wt action?

    From what I recall about the StC Premier rods, they're a slower action than the ECHO classic, though I haven't cast one of the Premier's recently.

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    Default Re: Echo 5wt action?

    Hi thadjanus,

    I need to say that I have not cast an Echo rod. Some of the posters On the board think they are very good rods. If I was considering an Echo rod I would think seriously about the Echo II that comes with two different action tips. You should also consider the TFO Finesse. The list price on the TFO Finesse rod with a rod case is $205. They are available from the Full Creel.

    Another option is to use a SA GPX line on your St Croix. It is 1/2 line over weight and it may cast better for you.

    TFO Finesse Rod
    LEFTY KREH “FINESSE” fly rods offer a more “traditional” taper with a sweet, smooth medium action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines. At short to medium distances, these rods cast effortlessly, turning over long leaders easily. Rods are well appointed with handsome rosewood inserts on an uplocking reel seat that looks great with the deep olive color blank. Optional is the Cordura covered rod case if you like.

    Echo2 Freshwater fly rods were designed by Tim Rajeff to be the ultimate tools for chasing trout. Each Freshwater Rod features the ultimate in componentry--friction free titanium coated SIC stripping guides, maple reel seats with nickel coated barrels and hoods, a beautiful wine colored blank finish, and high grade cork handle. Knowing that beauty is only skin deep, Tim Rajeff designed each rod with its own specific power and action in order to provide you with the best tool for the job. Other manufacturers utilize a single action across an entire range of rods, which is just downright silly. To further allow you to fine tune the actions of Echo2 rods, each rod comes with 2 tips; an "A" tip for accuracy and a "D" tip for distance.

    GPX General Presentation Taper


    The ultimate all-purpose line - now with Dry Tip Technology for the ultimate floating fly line experience
    Made half-size heavier to better load fast-action graphite rods and deliver terrestrials, nymphs, and other bigger, heavier trout flies
    Welded Streamlined Loop - slick and strong - for easy connections and seamless fishing (front)

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    Default Re: Echo 5wt action?

    I took an Echo Classic 5 wt for a test a couple of weeks back. I found the rod easy to cast and could cast a good distance. I did find that the rod was weak at making making accurate cast. Upon further inspection I noticed that the rod does not disipate vibration as well as some more expensive rods. If you would like a moderate or a moderate fast action in a lower price range you should test out the Scott V2, TFO finnesse, Sage Launch, St. Croix Avid, Scierra IC3 or other recomendations from the Full Creel or local shops.

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