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    Default Fishing this weekend!


    As you know it is early trout season in Wisconsin, this Saturday at 5a.m.! I am so anxious and excited to get back on those trout streams! Especially the Prairie, which holds the state record Brookie at 9 pounds 15 ounces! But that was a long time ago and not too many big fish get caught out of it. But the experience on the prairie is just awesome! This year i will be using my new Z-Axis 3wt since well it wold be able handle everything in there! So I guess whos fishing this weekend, for what, with what, where?

    Enjoy the weather its gonne be beautiful here with a high of 31 and no wind!!!!

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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    I'm toying with going out this weekend too. But definitely fishing March 10, Delaware River, where the east and west branches meet. 5wt and classic wet flies (maybe some nymphs and streamers too!)

    Addicted To Vise Flies

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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    Nice never been out west yet but that quest shall be soon undertaken! haha i love my 5wt and height when it gets classified as a "noob" rod im like psshht good luck and post pictures! imma try and find a camera too as well haha

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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    I'm going to try and get out for a bit on Sat before the Fly Fishing Film Tour starts.

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    I'm hitting the river this weekend.

    The Colorado River (the Texas Colorado) for bass - or whatever will hit - with a 5 & 8wt rigged up with my River Craws, clousers and a few articulated somethings.

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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    Hey lbz_2006, is there still snow on the ground in Wisconsin? Anyways good luck. No cabin fever here in N. Cali since I've been chasing steelies but too lazy to drive this weekend. Maybe hit the local pond for some stocked trout.

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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    Sunday, target = LMB but I'll take anything that gives me a tug and of course I'll put it back, its a little lake near home, 15 mins.


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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    I'll be on the Sipsey river early on Saturday. Forecast is sunny and high 50's.

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    Default Re: Fishing this weekend!

    Good to hear from all you guys good luck! And actually all the snow was almost gone then monday night we got 16"s haha! So it kinda stinks but the forecast is in the high 30's now for the rest of the week so that snow will help rid the ice! Im pumped!

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