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  1. Default anyone use it?

    I'm looking to find some fly fishing locations I can check out and some info..

    This for example says has some excellent maps and resources

    Michigan Fly-Fishing | Michigan Fly Fish Waters

    But I'm hesitant as to how good they are.. I'm also hesitant to give my CC for a 14 day trial..

    Has anyone tried it>?

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    Default Re: anyone use it?

    Hi lindmar,

    I am sorry but I have not tried I can recommend you get the book: "Trout Streams of Michigan". It has a great deal of information about fishing Michigan. It gives access and parking locations all along the rivers and streams of Michigan. I think it will give you all the information you need to plan trips to new waters.

    This is a second edition and is pretty much up to date.

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    Kinda crazy.. but I actually have that book and I totally forgot until I saw the cover..

    Anyways, I went ahead and signed up for the trial.
    You get 3 free maps, so I chose my first one.. The Boardman River, MI.
    The map and guidebook actually displays on the screen...

    In this case what you get is essential 8 pages from "America's 100 Best Trout Streams Guide Book" by John Ross, which you can guy from Amazon. They are in partership with, looks like I can print from here..

    Really three pages are about the Boardman, one has a map.
    I'll use my other two free trial trails to get the Au Sable River & Pere Marquette River

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    Default Re: anyone use it?

    Hi lindmar,

    You may have recognized it if I had got the title correct. Let us know what you think about "" if you use it.

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    Edited my post above.. I signed up for the trial of trails, have printed off three free trial guides.. checking them out now.

  6. Default Re: anyone use it?

    Hi lindmar,

    I have not heard of that website, but being from Michigan myself, I have been on the search for some trout streams.

    One website I've been frequenting is Michigan Rivers and Streams

    They give you info about the area, current weather conditions, and links to driving directions, USGS stream data, local fly shops, etc. They also have a nice table showing what's hatching for each month for that area.

    Their maps feature doesn't seem to be working for most places, but they give you the name of the river and area it is in. With that info, you can easily get a Google map of it, or use the USGS site they link to to see maps of the area and more precise location (GPS coords, quartering method, etc).

    Best of's free

    The Manistee is the river I'm most interested in lately, but I'd like to try out the Au Sable once I get more into the sport (I'm just starting out fly fishing).
    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
    - Thoreau

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